Woodworking Information : How to Bend Wood to Make Furniture

Bend timber to make furnishings using a bent lamination strategy that entails reducing wood right into the desired shape, ripping wood strips, applying glue with a roller as well as clamping wood pieces right into place. Figure out for how long to allow curved timber pieces dry in this cost-free video from a prize-winning woodworker on standard woodworking.

Specialist: Kent Perdue
Bio: Kent Perdue is an elderly in the furniture-making program at VCU, and also has obtained lots of scholarships as well as awards for his job. Perdue markets his operate at numerous furniture shops in Richmond, Va
. Filmmaker: nate thompson

Woodworking Information : How to Bend Wood to Make Furniture

Bend wood to make furniture using a bent lamination technique that involves cutting wood into the desired shape, ripping wood strips, applying glue with a roller and clamping wood pieces into place. Find out how long to let bent wood pieces dry in this free video from an award-winning woodworker on basic carpentry.

Expert: Kent Perdue
Bio: Kent Perdue is a senior in the furniture-making program at VCU, and has received many scholarships and awards for his work. Perdue sells his work at various furniture stores in Richmond, Va.
Filmmaker: nate thompson


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  1. Wow, you look really young in this video. Must have been a while ago. But,
    We all get older… the alternative kinda sucks. Lol

  2. Массив Дуба | Solid Oak

    Great video! Excellent work.

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  3. hint…make your form a slightly tighter radius then the actual curve you
    want…even the best glue ups “bounce” back a bit….the tighter the radius
    the more you need to over bend….On a stair case i do at least an 1/8 inch
    per step over bend and again the tighter the radius the more you over
    bend.Different woods bounce back more or less too.

  4. Why isn’t this on the main homestead craftsman channel?

    1. cuz he can.

  5. Very well explain. Thank you.

  6. جميل جدآ

  7. pastora marcia braga

    make one of shape heart.

  8. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    video is blank for me.

    1. please get eye glasses.

  9. عبدالرحمن علاء

    بوظة تلحس

  10. Can i bend wood this way on bending form that look like “S”. You know two
    courses of curve. Is it posible?

  11. This is a great video, but it would be even better if I knew what “MVS” or
    “MBS” or whatever it is refers to.

    1. MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) or Supawood is a kind of artificial board
      made with wood fibres and resin. It’s quite heavy and absorbent, but has
      good homogeneity and dimensional consistency.

    2. it’s also carcinogenic, so make sure you wear a dust mask.

    3. Thanks for the note about the carcinogenic properties of MDF.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Now I know what to look for.

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  15. I’ll make it myself. Just got instructions from woodprix website and I’m
    ready to do it :D

  16. so the word strips is now slang?

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  19. you are so good

  20. You can learn more about it on woodprix website I think.

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