Woodworking, Crazy Sharp Tools! Japanese Sharpening Techniques

In this video clip you will learn to hone like a Japanese Master in mins!

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Woodworking, Crazy Sharp Tools! Japanese Sharpening Techniques

In this video you will learn to sharpen like a Japanese Master in minutes!

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  1. Excellent tips on sharpening – obviously worth the time. I will be checking in with Lee Valley to get some of those water stones and a diamond plate. Sharp chisels make work so much easier.

    1. The Samurai Carpenter

      Lee valley sells the atoma diamond plate but the don’t sell shapton water stones. You can find both on ebay for cheaper.

    2. +The Samurai Carpenter Thank you for the feedback. I will check out ebay for the stones.

    3. +The Samurai Carpenter
      tenho uns formões aqui que eram do meu avô ! raridades alguns são aço sueco e outros bem antigos 60 anos e também plaina de mão de mão de marca antiga GOLDEMBERG !

    4. And Amazon seems to be even cheaper right now on the Shapton and Atoma

  2. I find that on the 5k stone my chisels skip for some reason. they seem fine on the 1k and 12k. not sure what I’m doing wrong. any suggestions?

    1. The Samurai Carpenter

      Yeah, the 5000 is a bit tricky. Practice, practice, practice.

    2. Great, thanks for the info.

  3. Can I do it successful with only one stone?

  4. Extreme Badass Construction Worker Jason Armstrong

    Yes, a couple notch deadly flat dial UP on awesome, Mr. samurai! thank you.

  5. あなたはチゼルを台無しにした。 あなたは本当に日本人ではありません。

  6. Anthony Atienza

    im from canada too

  7. cheers mate. good video. even little tips like this are very important to remember.

  8. Christopher Church

    Super affordable to me = sandpaper

  9. How can I get a Japanese dude to do all that sharpening for me?

  10. My atoma diamond plate rusted… within 30 minutes… mid-flattening my Narex chisels. Is this normal? What is the proper way to maintain such a plate?

  11. aye man, thanks for sharing all your knowledge. very inspiring. can you make some videos on the kind of wood to use/ or not for your different projects ? that would be awesome. also maybe a word on where you get it

    thanks mate, the best for your channel

  12. I love your channel. I am an electrician and aspiring carpenter. I am learning a lot from your channels.

  13. Thanks to you, wranglerstar, and Alec I want to do something with my hands constantly. Bought my first set of chisels this week, they are about to get some samurai style love.

  14. Deadly?  Me thinks he meant dead.

  15. Clear and to the point. Excellent tips!

  16. end grain Gary Oak… omg >.< lololol

  17. Micro bevel or not??

  18. wth, chisel cutting through endgrain oak @_@

  19. Tools say made in Swiss

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