Wall tool holders for mallets and hand planes

Making more device holders for my large garage workshop

Wall tool holders for mallets and hand planes

Making more tool holders for my big garage workshop
Updated: August 6, 2017 — 6:51 am


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  1. More tool holders in my big workshop.  Got the essentials hung now, but I’m sure I’ll make more with time.

    1. José Ramón Mortera Fernandez

      +steven zhang

    2. you called the combination square a level…

    3. Matthias Wandel

  2. But….if the mallet is trying to fall off of the ledge, what are you using to cause all that banging?

    1. a hammer

    2. I was joking. Guess my jokes are so bad they don’t translate well 🙂

  3. Custom holders, affixed as-needed to a plywood wall. No rails or cleats to limit options in positioning. So simple. So versatile.

  4. so how many work shops that you have ?

  5. Sliding the planes into those holders was so satisfying to watch😮👾 love your work bro

  6. 5:01 That is so satisfying

  7. Aprendiz de Luthier

    Great ideia! Going to implement it 😀

  8. I think that your tool holders are quite practical. I’m sure you will revise them again! Just wanted to point out that you’re storing your sharpie upside down.

  9. Federico Echenike

    Matthias Wandel ¿por que nunda respondes? gracias
    es genial el tablero, ¿pero la madera resiste a tanto uso?

  10. Thanks so much Matthias for a really excellent video. Lots of great ideas on how to hang tools and thnks also for the link ith detailed instructions and photos. You sure put a lot of hard work into this project. Many thanks.

  11. The sawstop joke was hilarious

  12. Someone really should design a special “bandsaw dado blade ” just for you to demo.I figure two blades tach welded together on thin spacers would do the trick.   🙂

    1. Matthias Wandel

      That would be a dumb idea worthy of Andy Klein!

  13. Pretty cool!!

  14. So glad I found your videos, exactly what I’ve been looking for as I’ve taken the plunge to completely redo my workshop organization along these same lines. I know it’ll take awhile but I’ve already hung up the oak plywood and am ready to get started. Keep those videos coming, thanks.

  15. You think of everything.
    You can make cutting a piece of wood interesting.

  16. I guess this is Sunday sorted out. Thanks for the video.😊

  17. Or if you’re like me, Screw some ply to the wall and whack all your common tools up with screws and nails with the heads clipped off / bent as hooks with pliers. Lazy mans tool wall !

  18. 2:01 what happened there, lol

  19. Great job Matthias , you forgot place for cold beer .

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