The Foot Powered (Treadle) Lathe

The Foot Powered (Treadle) Lathe woodworking video by Chop With Chris is a time lapse of the building of a foot powered lathe using an antique corn auger flywheel. I utilize only hand devices, no powers devices, nails, or screws. The turret can add to 1500 rpm and it is excellent for turning wood. I hope you delight in. Make sure to enjoy relevant video clips listed below:
The best ways to Develop A Turret
Ways to Build A Making Bench


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  1. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Congrats on not only a fine build, but a seriously
    inspirational idea. Now I will be trolling eBay for all sorts of old
    industrial parts to not only make my own lathe, but perhaps, some other
    shop tools as well. Beautiful!

  2. Dam nice job, thank you for sharing it.

  3. Truly talented!!!! Love it!!!!!

  4. cero aporte y te crees gran cosa

  5. woaaaaaah

  6. wow, a million and a half views! congratulations! i bet you humble bragged
    hard to your wife about that one. “see honey, you said my videos were sad
    and nobody would want to watch me make bad jokes, well a million and a half
    people dont agree i think” her:”yeah, way more than a million and a half
    idiots out there i guess” you:”I also made $1500 from ad revenue” her “why
    aren’t you filming now, go make something”

    maybe use some of that dough to buy a better camera and or computer. 480p
    doesnt do your videos justice. you can build a very capable editing pc
    yourself for $700 very easily, its not hard at all. come by and we would be very glad to help you get set up.

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  11. haha, that’s really cool man! how long did that take you?

    1. +Flash life I detail the who process in my video How To Build A Lathe. To
      answer your question -160 hours

    2. +Chop With Chris madness, respect my friend.

    3. +Flash life 👍🏻

  12. that was a mighty big chisel you had at the end there!

    1. +dynogunbattle They are called “slicks” and are used to make log cabins and
      they are awesome!

  13. you’re a master

    1. +MaghoxFr Thank you. It also helps to edit out the mistakes. There is also
      a How To version.

    2. +Chop With Chris I’ll check it out. I was walking on a local antique/flea
      market here and I was thinking about those old awesome tools, run without
      electricity. And I would really like a quieter shop. One of the things I
      enjoy the most is listening to the radio while working, but you can’t do
      that between electric saws, drills etc.


    3. +MaghoxFr No doubt my shop is quieter except for the chopping

  14. Love what you do .. I would certainly love to do it too but I am FAR from
    knowledgeable about those construction/joints you came up with. Where did
    you acquire your knowledge to make them?

    1. +Clyde Decker Honestly it was just learn by doing. I have no formal
      training I’m just really passionate about it so that helps a lot.

  15. OLA voce e o ARTESÃO completo ARTISTA NOTA 1000.OK .Para voce eu tiro o

    1. Obrigado.

    2. satayi

  16. Love it your a genius.

    1. +Nick Morana Thank you!

  17. combina muy bien con la musica

    1. +Federico Echenike Gracias!

  18. Rodriguesaerogenerador Humberto


    1. +Rodriguesaerogenerador Humberto Thank you!

  19. dude you’re amazing. fantastic crafting

    1. +Sade Storm Thanks!

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