Making wall tool holders

Making holders to organize my tools on the wall surfaces in my huge garage workshop.


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  1. Making tool holders to go on the wall in my big garage workshop.
    (tired of tools lying around the workbench)

    1. Matthias… you’re very talented and easy to listen to. Love your videos!

    2. +Matthias Wandel You’re lucky Matthias, if I did that for my tools, they’d
      be rusted within a week. I live very near the equator, so while it’s summer
      all year long, all my non-stainless steel tools have to stay in boxes, a
      lot of them wrapped in VCI paper.

    3. +truebluekit Then again, when was the last time you had to ploy snow out of
      your yard… ;^) Or shovel snow off your roof to prevent it from caving
      in. It’s all in how you look at it. Nice vid Mattias, great ideas.

    4. Passion Woodworking

      Matthias these type of projects always seem so tedious but by the end can
      be the most rewarding. Don’t you think so? There is something about having
      a place for each tool and it also helps (kinda lol) not misplace your
      tools. Great video, I really enjoyed watching it.

    5. James Pelletier o9o9

  2. Thanks so much for the ideas!

  3. you drove your support screws upward versus going downward which looks like
    it would be more supportive. why other than convenience and small load to

    1. to hide it

  4. good job sir

  5. Love your work! I saw you used a forstner bit for the chisel holder. I
    could really use such bits. Do you have some brand to recommend?

    1. no. I just buy cheap ones.

  6. amazing efforts

  7. you always make the best vids ……..hats off!

  8. Orchestra Fanatic (Bob)

    oh my god your carpeting skills are awesome nice vids by the way

  9. Coenrad Janse van Rensburg (Coenie)

    what type of blade do you use for the bandsaw? and what size is it?

  10. nice woodworking!

  11. Gerhard Baumgartner

    Sehr gute Idee! Danke.

  12. great video

  13. Very good video

  14. great video

  15. muito bom mesmo parabéns

  16. Jose Aureliano Sandpval garcia

    nice work like always….”te quedò muy bien…felicidades y gracias por tus

  17. hello from the other side of the world, sir you are the best of the best.

  18. Great job!

  19. very nice

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