Making Roof Shingles With Hand Tools

Making some chestnut tiles utilizing hand tools including froe and side axe. In this movie John reveals you 2 different techniques for making roofing roof shingles or drinks, as well as goes into some information. He is an expert on this having made greater than 2,000 for his woodland building alone!

Making Roof Shingles With Hand Tools

Making some chestnut shingles using hand tools including froe and side axe. In this film John shows you two different methods for making roofing shingles or shakes, and goes into some detail. He is an expert on this having made more than 2,000 for his woodland building alone!


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  1. Does this work with other wood types? Ash for instance?

    1. Yes but ash is not so durable as chestnut as it rots more easily when exposed to the elements.

    2. Eduard van Iersel

      oak might also work well, but it does have a lot more sapwood than chestnut.

    3. Eduard van Iersel
      From what little research I’ve done, when using oak, the sapwood is trimmed off and only the heartwood is used for shingles

    4. Eduard van Iersel

      Indeed, but since oak has a lot of sapwood, you have a lot more waste material

    5. Eduard van Iersel
      That you do. It can go towards mulch or firewood or what have you, so that as much gets used as possible

  2. Algirdas Šalomskas

    Did he make all of the ones on the roof ‘shingle’ handed?

    1. Algirdas Šalomskas virtual fist bump 🤜🤛

    2. Algirdas Šalomskas resetasde

    3. Algirdas Šalomskas — It is clear he went to and ‘froe’ on the shingle.

    4. Whyaskfor?
      Was going to add something along the lines of your puns, but you did it better.

    5. Algirdas Šalomskas
      nice punditry…

  3. Why didn’t you use corrugated tin sheets !! would finish the job in no time ,and it would look like it grew there !.
    Regards Pikey Pete.

    1. out of ironweed.

    2. you only need to do this once every 45 years.

    3. Sadly, it takes 45 years to get the job done. I’ll throw up the sod.

    4. Gerald Swain it’s all about preserving an art craftman style of the way things used to be . Anyone can put a tin roof on a barn. Not many people still hand cut shake’s . I applaud his work.

  4. Is that wood unusually hard, or is the drawknife not as sharp as it could be?


    1. Christopher Neely

      He definitely needs to freshen the edge on that knife. Chestnut is not soft, but it should have been easier, even with the dryer bit of plank.

    2. It seems sharp enough. He is using it across a flat piece, that is likely why there is so much resistance. I have never worked with chestnut, but most woods will be tough to shave bits off if you contact it across such a wide area.

    3. He comments on that when working the second shingle – it’s due for a sharpening. He’s taking pretty chunky cuts of fairly hard wood, so it’s not embarrassingly bad or anything, just ready for a trip to the whetstone.

    4. I wonder if this is the same -jcr I see on /. all the time…

  5. That is so interesting and also fun to watch. Great video! /Charlotte

    1. Antonio Fluxà Bestard

      tote bote

  6. Seeing this cements the fact that one should not take old buildings for granted.

    1. And he’s wasting lot of wood. Whats wrong with this guy?

    2. He’s not wasting wood. There is nothing that wood would be useful for but burn.

    3. Jason Atkins
      Wasting wood?
      Are you stupid?
      What do u want him to do?
      Fkn eat it?

    4. Sombra you tree huger

  7. Kind of makes me want to make shingles.

    1. @sarcasmo57, fancy seeing you on this side of youtube. Hope everything is going well with your new monkey and new place.

      I really enjoyed making some of the dishes you both put on youtube. Also eating them was very enjoyable.

    2. MichaelKingsfordGray

      Herpes Simplex?

    3. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to do and some day there will be more.

    4. MichaelKingsfordGray it’s herpes zoster

  8. That constant sawing in the background is nice…..

  9. Dan -Wait for it- Moe

    At the beginning I was like “who would watch 36 minutes of this”, and now, 36 minutes later, all I want to do is watch this guy build an entire house like this, then do it myself haha.

    1. Greenthumb Gaming

      I was interested enough to check it out but thought for sure I wouldn’t watch the entire thing. 36 minutes later for me now and I want more lol

    2. -I thought the same bro- But now I want more!!

    3. Seriously mate……im laughing at myself now!

    4. I mostly use youtube to watch videogame clips and this showed up in my recommended videos feed. 36 minutes later, I feel the same way.

  10. my Mother Shingled a Barn to earn Her Money to go to college at the end of the Great Depression

    1. Lukáš Mojžíš

      I’m not sure that capitalization works man…

    2. Who’s Debra Gilligan?

    3. SBJ If you’d met her, you wouldn’t ask….

    4. Is that ALL she did??

  11. I was told there were hot shingles in my area looking to be nailed.

    1. Jeffrey Stephens It’s okay. Because now it’s at 96.

    2. 254 now ^^

    3. I’m number 339. No idea how I got here, but here I am.

  12. where was this filmed? looks like near my house, kenley aerodrome

    1. alfie piper We do sometimes meet near Biggin Hill….this was about 30 miles away.

    2. ok, ty. just looks weirdly similar to an area near kenley aerodrome, they used to do woodworking tutorials there also. i found them pretty interesting.

  13. take a shot for every “yeah” he says

  14. why am I here? but it’s iteresting somehow

  15. I would like to buy a right handed bearded side axe. I can’t seem to find them online. Any suggestions?

    1. gid so think there are a few waiting lists with some of the makers…perhaps find a blacksmith who is good at making tools. I got mine from Fraught Wrought.

  16. thank you to you and you riends for showing this awesome technique that has been able to live on through the ages. I always really enjoy your videos and never take the minute the give a comment, so thank you again! also I used to love those chocolate orages me and my girlfriend literally were just talking about those yesterday

    1. Azrael Redeemed Thanks

  17. Wow 1.3million views. I guess there are a lot of roof shingle enthusiasts out there. Great video as usual Harry.

    1. Jonathan Deighton Thanks….yes I am a bit surprised but very pleased!

  18. 24:18 this method is so much better! the first one produces what? 50-60% waste?

  19. I know how to make shingles and I’m going to shingle every roof I can see 👊🏻

  20. Good video, but the camera man is a total yes man who adds nothing to the video.

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