How To Make A Wooden Pocket Knife With Hand Tools

Enjoy every one of my homemade knife video clips here:

Construct write-up with more detail and also the free template making your own:

There is additionally a really restricted amount package available that includes the timber with the themes affixed as well as the holes drilled:

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  1. Build article with more detail and the free template to make your own:

    1. John Heisz 3.46 lol you said with hand tools but you use a non hand tool

    2. John Heisz

    3. John Heisz how to download?

    4. John Heisz i

  2. Now I want to make one.

    1. +John Heisz I want one now I need to make one like now!! hhahahahahahahaha
      I will make it sooooooooo cooooool

    2. 2:57
      Why the hell would you need a wooden knife if you have that?

    3. +Spoden insert Metal detectors?

    4. +Spoden insert aesthetic purposes or you know just to have because you can

    5. Same, but I dont have the equipment

  3. probably the best tutorial I’ve seen in a while, was wondering if I could
    make a metal blade to use instead of a wooden one, would it work? maybe you
    could make a video on making a folder with a metal blade.

    1. +Jimstar753
      I already did, just look through my recent videos.

  4. It sounds like he’s on the verge of crying

    1. prolapsing your moms tight anus would nearly bring me to tears too.

    2. +John Doe my moms anus is wide. 🙂 Don’t ask me how I know that

    3. +BroKid45Playz hot, ever wear it like a sock?

  5. Why didnt you sharpen the Wood to make it able to cut?

    1. +Joey Miller because he doesn’t want to kill anyone

    2. SophisticatedHermit

      Do you want to kill anyone when you are making sandwiches with the kitchen
      knife? Moron.

    3. +SophisticatedHermit i did

    4. SophisticatedHermit

      +Lance Norris good for you

    5. Lord Trump jddndfj the best, and a

  6. Terrorists are gonna use this now instead of boxcutters.

    1. Box cutters?

    2. +Alex TheProGamer Blade cutters, I assume.

    3. +Alex TheProGamer box cutters are TSA approved, which means theyre allowed
      on airplanes

    4. called a stanley knife where I come from… but I still know what people
      are talking about when they say box cutter.

  7. Well, I am hijacking an airplane.


    2. +Cluckin Bell Lmao

    3. This takes back 9/11

    4. My dad took a knife disguised as a pen and it got through, but they took my
      mom’s lotion

      INTERNET GOES TO……DRUM ROLL…… L O C K H E I M.* That was worth way
      more than a simple lol and a like. *FUCKING GENIUS!* Gotta also give a
      shout out to all the *FUCKING RETARDS* saying “you’re going to prison and
      on a terrorist watchlist” lol. The funniest thing about them idiots is that *THEIR

  8. Wow you did that part at 2:20 pretty fast

    1. it was speed up

    2. +Jacob Woodward sarcasm! XD

    3. It’s all about practice… with video editing software.

  9. i dont even know why im watching this i have never done something with wood
    but i love it o.o

    1. lol same

    2. I Cant Think Of A Name


    3. Sameee

    4. So uv never masturbated ?

  10. This is perfect for when you walk late nights, and vampires attack you

    1. +GUNS & GLORY Vampire. Not Zombie.

    2. +Michael Major no a zombie is you have to stab or shoot its brain a vampire
      you have to behead it

    3. +GUNS & GLORY no, you stab a vampire in the heart with a stake

    4. +SteamPunk Correct.

    5. Vampires watch out we have the most paticular fighters ever! Honestly I
      feel like a sharp object wood or not in the heart of a vampire would work

  11. Now I can walk thru the full body scanner with confidence 😂😂

    1. ur gunna get put on the fbi watchlist if ur not careful

    2. Luke The Vampire Slayer

      +Frauggu a 4 year old has been on the watch list

    3. yeah ik that’s rick Harrison and his pawn shop is on the watchlist as well

    4. Luke The Vampire Slayer

      +Frauggu lol

  12. *uses knife to make knife*

    1. Now is the question: How did he build the first knife? Galileo Mistery

    2. +Daniel Köbbe How do you make a sharp rock using two smooth rocks…

    3. +BeggerStager smash rock against other rock until one rock breaks.

    4. need scissors to cut zip tie off scissors

  13. You sound like someone is pointing a gun to your head.

    1. In the next video breathe to sign you need help

    2. Oh god no…..not the Marina Joyce thing again

    3. [Marina Joyce Intensifies]

    4. I don’t even know who that is.

    5. Please be nice.

  14. u sound like u could voice a character on rick and morty

    1. an insecure alien overlord who’s uncomfortable with his body

    2. No, I’m asking. Mick or Rorty?

    3. An old man (no offense) who is homeless and insecure 😂😂

    4. It’s Ethan raberry

  15. I got this past airport security.

    1. a knife and dr. dre merch lol

    2. Lol, it was part of my carry on.

    3. Shacalaka ya you did it’s a metal detector not a wood detecter

  16. I wonder if the blade can penetrate human flesh

    1. +SteamPunk not if i kill those people first 😉

    2. +0955interactive the edge tho

    3. Who needs a blade when you’re edgy enough yourself?

    4. +CowLunch just use your edge to kill people, it’ll just make you more edgy

  17. Oh great now people know how to make undetectable weapons lol

    1. There’s much better materials for hard to detect weapons

    2. +UntrustedAlly What like Meat? Try not to rub though.

    3. +Cluckin Bell no, like rocks

    4. Bryant Rodriguez-Manzo

      +Cluckin Bell I’m quite sure theres plastic knife, and knifed made of
      sharpened rocks, glass, etc.

    5. +Bryant Rodriguez-Manzo ?

  18. I wonder how much he “wood” charge to make me one and ship it to me.

    1. +steven houston ot means “loss” and W means “Win”. It someone makes a bad
      joke, then a lot of people will probably reply to it with L’s

    2. +Pepe The Frog i think it means loser?

    3. +Pepe The Frog okay thanks

    4. +steven houston L=loss W=win

    5. Haha , I get it.😂

  19. im gonna try to do this if my teacher lets me wish me luck!

  20. Great now everyone has access to murder!

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