5 WoodWorking Tools You Should Have


5 WoodWorking Tools You Should Have

5 Best DIY Woodworking tool for your next DIY project
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5.: Pocket Hole Jig System: http://amzn.to/2p9zSap

4.Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide: http://amzn.to/2nHXjYQ

3. Screw: http://amzn.to/2p0bNDo

2.Hand Planer: http://amzn.to/2oqSct6

1. Concealed Hinge Jig: http://amzn.to/2nHPTEQ

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  1. bullshit as always

    1. nz rockdj nz rockdj >Dear diary today I attacked a stranger on the internet, i felt like a real savage, finally my erection problems are gone

    2. nz rockdj he’s just stating a fact, no need to be so salty…

    3. nz rockdj <3 how was your day so far ?

  2. 1:30 You should still use glue.
    2:20 You can make saw guide with mdf or plywood. It cost literally nothing.

    1. True, it doesn’t dry in 10 seconds flat. But if you plan on finishing that side, then you will need to clean off the glue from the wood. And that will most likely take more time than scraping off a bead of dried glue.

    2. Glue is stronger then most woods. Those screws would be trivial to wrench out. The sole advantage of pocket screws is you don’t have to wait for drying time.

      But then most people glue up, then use brads to hold the work piece together while the glue dries.

    3. guess youre unaware that using a damp cloth to clean up the squeeze out will get rid of the surface glue and – if your joint is 100% true – wont cause any gaps in the joint.

      thats a tip to take home, especially when working with more than just plywood since dried glue is more difficult to remove from some materials than others.

    4. Good point, that is another option.

    5. Thameren Dyck Actually if you are building cabinets a Kreg jig will save you tons of time but there are limitations as to what I will use pocket hole screws for to begin with. I have a job coming up where I will be using my jig a lot but that is for a retailer as I said, it has its purpose.

  3. The whole video is a Kreg Commercial omg

    1. There are a few factors in running a woodworking business. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Enata wood system (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful plan that I have ever heard of. look at the interesting information.

    2. Jyotishchandra Sevak

      Tools for quality work output.

    3. *woodworking plan & guides:>> **http://woodworkingtechniquess.blogspot.co.uk** >>>*

    4. Yes all belong to Kerg products for sure

  4. Pocket holes LOL.
    “Built to last” 0:51 it’s clearly about to collapse after like 2 seconds of pressure.

    1. And that’s just before he fixed all his non-broken furniture. Ikea here he comes.

    2. yup, I’d see that again with finger joints

    3. Derpamon45 Grimpar

      To be fair, alot of this video is just marketing bullshit for that kreg company.

  5. Kreg, the perfect choice for the millionaire carpenter

    1. NnxnxmsMichael Morris

    2. well, just so you know millionaire carpenters use whatever the job calls for, including pocket holes. however, the domino tool and dowel kit makes life easy for makeshift mortise and tenon joints.

  6. omg I’m so tired of that messy glue.. no body in the entire world knows how to use clamps and glue..thanks Kreg

    1. Banseng Khoo kreg save the world hahah

    2. Banseng Khoo kreg save the world hahah

    3. Sorry @sirfuseable ..I will have to step up my sarcasm game. I didn’t mean to confuse you.

    4. Siruseable, I doubt that you have a function sarcasm meter because it was pretty obvious.

    5. @SirFuseable No, they aren’t. It was so obvious, yet you didn’t understand..

  7. pocket joints are crap. use proper joinery.

    1. you see when she stood on the edge, they cut the video right before it started to really fail lol

    2. Pocket joints have their uses, but not as a stand alone joint. I have used them to pull bookshelves into the glued dado it would be sitting in anyway. I wouldn’t use them to support the shelves on their own though. I borrowed the jig. No WAY am I going to spend what Kreg wants to charge for their stuff.

    3. Oliver Ong Pocket holes are fast, strong and effective in many applications and don’t need setup time and multiple clamps. If you have the ability and time do dovetail, mortise and tenon or some crazy Japanese joints.

    4. Yes i have the time to do dovetail, mortise and tenon. And yes i do Japanese joints as well. You can even make a jig for it to make one faster. Matthias Wandel created a video explaining that pocket joints are one of the most weakest joinery you can ever make second to butt joints.

  8. If I could dislike the video more than once, I would.

    1. I Vote for a Double dislike Button!

  9. a real profession woodworker wouldnt be seen dead with kreg in its tool box

    1. Mats Turnings
      Yep! Look up Mr. Chickadee. That’s some REAL woodworking. 😀

    2. Mats Turnings
      Yep! Look up Mr. Chickadee. That’s some REAL woodworking. 😀

  10. if you don’t glue it you’re just screwed!

    1. relentlessmadman

      which is the way you wanna be if you ever need to take something apart!

  11. Who uses drywall screws for wood?

    1. Matthias wandell, he also does lots of tests on them and shows that whilst not as strong as standard wood screws for the applications most people will use them in they are way more than strong enough, he also shows that pocket holes are some of the weakest joints that can be made.

  12. The ‘Kreg’ joinery system is brilliant, I have used one for years and its always been a real asset. Unfortunately the ‘Kreg’ saw guide is not that good. The plastic catch that secures the sliding bar ‘snapped’ after using it on the third occasion. I have had real trouble finding a replacement catch, so i’m unable to use the guide at all. If anyone has an idea where I can purchase one I would be very grateful.

    1. thank you 4 sharing your experience with us have a nice day

    2. You Can Find a Circular Saw Guide Here: http://amzn.to/2q1tJeB

  13. This jig is a bunch of bullshit!

  14. So, four kreg products, and one random thing. Mmk.

  15. Totally crap tools..totally crap woodwork.
    I would never recommend any of these tools for any kind of woodwork.

  16. sponsored by Kreg

  17. X) Réparer un meuble cassé net avec des visses, mais bien sur… de la colle ça tiens bien mieux que 3 pauvres visses… Il est bon de rappeler qu’un joint de colle est plus solide que le bois autour, et donc qu’un assemblage bricolo à 2 € avec des visses….

    Au passage GG pour le titre clique à pute, la pub à peine dissimulé, enfoiré…

  18. the first one is literally: do you suck at hammering nails and screws. then this is the product for you!

  19. How much money did you get from “Kreg” to do this video ?? omfg… 😛

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