Wow! – Super Simple Shop Hack For Under $5

A fast and also Basic Dirt Hose pipe and Cable Holder for your store and also it can be made for less then $5.00!! This basic Store Hack is quick and very easy to throw up all you require is some scrap timber, as indicator stake as well as a C-Clamp …

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Wow! - Super Simple Shop Hack For Under $5

A quick and Simple Dust Hose and Cord Holder for your shop and it can be made for less then $5.00 !! This simple Shop Hack is quick and easy to throw together all you need is some scrap wood, as sign stake and a C-Clamp...

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  1. Pretty cool. Did you received my emails?

    1. +Stephan Pöhnlein just looked and yes they are in my inbox… you will get a reply tonight..

  2. That’s Cool Laney!  Nice job. Douglas

  3. Looking a little 50’s there buddy. I was waiting for you to break out into SUMMER LOVING or GREASE LIGHTNING.

    1. I am sad I understand your comment

    2. Simply Wooden Creations

      +David Bishop Now that you mentioned it you are so right. Want to see Laney to the Hand Jive….LMBO

    3. +David Bishop that short was a little tight and those sleeves were rolled…. so yea guilty…lol just need a grease comb and I’m set!

    4. Summers Woodworking

      +Laney Shaughnessy lol it’s good seeing you in the shop however you do it!

  4. Love finding solutions in the scrap bin – good job man!

  5. Did you use the magnets on the sleeves also? LOL nice simple shop tip

    1. +TheWodderLog yes I used the magnets , he magnets were not glued it , the veneer skin was glued to the piece to secure them..they were not strong enough for holding hoses, and cords, but it is strong so hanging a set of plans or cut list to my walls or tables works great….like a magnetized paper weight…giving the project a dual purpose.

  6. Nice shop Hack Laney!! Im going to have to make this in my shop!

  7. Always good to work up your own solutions in the shop. Nice tip.

  8. Nice project,  Its good to see a shop video from you Laney. This one has some serious merit.Regards,Bob

  9. Ran my hose and cord through a circular loop (top from a cardboard coffee can when the sides are removed). Used a piece of small nylon string I had to tie the loop up to an overhead board. Ring hangs down, cords stay in place. Time spent – maybe two minutes. Results – same. No storage issues. No cost.

    …granted – a piece of walnut looks nicer 🙂 Maybe I should make a walnut loop?

  10. Excellent idea, Laney. I thought you were going to hang it from the ceiling. I may try that! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Nicely done!

  12. Shepard hook overhead is a good cord control method.

  13. YESSSSSSS nice Job man ! 😛

  14. Cool solution.Thanks for sharing.


  16. loving the old skool camera haven’t seen interlacing for a while…..

    1. Laney Shaughnessy

      +Agbhar Gihad not much of a tech guy but it is a 1080p is that considered old school now?

    2. Hey Laney, 1080p is great! Agbhar mentioned Interlacing, what he means is the lines around your hands and tools, if you go to around 0:25, its very noticeable in your hand and tool movement.

    3. Laney Shaughnessy the type of video is pure cancer don’t know how people can watch this garbage.

  17. good idea but what is the utility of magnets?

    1. okdadi at 6:38 he said he planned to use the magnets, but they were not strong enough so he just used the clamp

  18. Looks great dont see the point of the magnets IF your tables are all wood

  19. Quick, simple, cheap and heck I can do that – thanks for sharing the idea

  20. *★☞An exceptionally helpful tool [Check Details Here ==**** ]. I had no idea on the most proficient method to build an open air shed.  This woodwork plan was convenient and of an awesome help. The guidelines are so clear and the application simple. What an improvement!*

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