What Can You Do With a Jigsaw? A Lot! | WOODWORKING BASICS

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A great deal of individuals believe that they need a lot of large, expensive stationary devices for woodworking. If you do not have a lot of room or cash, a jigsaw is an incredible tool that can make almost all the cuts you need. Complete write-up ►.
This is the DeWalt jigsaw I utilize ►.

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What Can You Do With a Jigsaw? A Lot! | WOODWORKING BASICS

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A lot of people think that they need a lot of big, expensive stationary tools for woodworking. If you don't have a lot of space or money, a jigsaw is an amazing tool that can make almost all the cuts you need. Full article► http://bit.ly/JigsawBasics
This is the DeWalt jigsaw I use► http://amzn.to/2e9V2j9
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  1. A jigsaw is one of the most useful tools you can use for woodworking. And it’s affordable! Here are the basics you need to know to get started. If you are interested, I use a DeWalt DW317 jigsaw: http://amzn.to/2e9V2j9

    1. I got a 317 as a wedding gift (8 years ago) and still haven’t used it as i have an old black and decker. going to get some t blades and switch to that new one now that i know about those blades.

    2. Steve Ramsey the reason behind the T shank teeth facing upward is to reduce the vibrations caused by the movement. teeth facing upward helps sticking the wood board to the base of the jigsaw, it is like when the blade comes up (cutting) it pulls the board towards the base which makes it more stable…i hope being clear.
      greatings from Algeria

    3. To Med K: That’s the first comment that makes sense to me. Before, I just couldn’t get the jist of what the difference was, thanks. What are you doing in Algeria, of all places?

    4. I was just gifted the same DeWalt jig saw. Looking forward to making some holes!

  2. I’m 15 and bought a £22 jigsaw (Made by Apollo – I got it off Amazon) and I’ve been looking for good tutorial videos but couldn’t find anything decentt. Thanks for this video! it’s very helpful

    1. Angélique van Laarhoven


    2. what?

    3. Decent well priced circ saw:
      Erbauer ERB596CWS – £110 screwfix
      I bought one recently, I took it back cos the axle was wobbly but before i did i used it for urgent cut in hardwood. Perfect cut. just they only had 1 in stock so i get another when good ones in stock, that one repacked with sellotape, must have ignored return reason. http://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-erb596cws-2000w-235mm-circular-saw-240v/71604

    4. yeah you can get a first aid kit and sutures on amazon too

  3. The jigsaw was the first tool I learned to use when I was about 6. Lots of fun.

    1. Jim Fancher zghyhy

    2. +fcukthiscarp Pretty much everything in my Dad’s shop except for the table saw.

    3. Thanks to your avatar I’ve now got visions of a young Beaker running around a workshop with a Jigsaw on fire and stuff collapsing all around him 😉

    4. Daniel Scott hahahaha

    5. +Daniel Scott Bingo!! I never said I was good at anything. LOL

  4. Only tip I can give is dont buy super cheap blades they are the worst, best blades on the market for jigsaws are the Bosch.

    1. +1 on Bosch blades

    2. How about getting cordless? Or just stay with cord type-more stable?

    3. Kneegrow Crackers


  5. Jigsaws are ok if you’re right handed.

    1. I have a Ryobi one and it works fine for me being left handed.

    2. Gordon Aitchison I’ve had this problem being left handed myself. But I thought it was normal for both sides. Never really paid any attention to that, just did what I needed to do with it. What’s sad about me not noticing is, I’ve use a jigsaw both left and right handed and never caught the difference.

    3. Bullshit. My friend is a professional carpenter/furniture maker and lefthanded. He has no problem with any machine.

    4. jpsholland your friend probably just doesn’t complain about it. it’s not that big of a deal really. just depends on what one person wants to put up with. I never complained about it myself, but noticed this comment and thought back on having that problem.

    5. Maybe it is something peculiar about your model of jigsaw.
      I am right handed but I use my left hand a lot. Often it is just easier for me to switch hands to hold something in a certain way. Including when using the jigsaw. I guess I am semi-amperdextrix.

      Also my face is usually in front of the jigsaw so that I can see where it is going. Pretty much the only way to see if the blade is on the line. So not sure why the dust would port matter.

      Usually I don’t worry about the dust port on a jigsaw but if I did have your problem I would connect the dust port to the shop vac so that the dust is all being sucked away. It would tend to pull your saw backwards so you would have to make sure the foot was flat as you cut. But it would solve your issue.

  6. Can a gripper get wrinkles out of the sheets on a Casper mattress?

    1. Mike Downs Only if you then give it a nice shave with Harry’s while listening to an Audible audiobook.

    2. Carlos Peralta don’t listen to the inaudible audio books, those my friend are a waste of time

    3. Audible is a brand name service to purchase audiobooks, not an adjective. 😉

    4. ballsrawls it is actually both, this is why my statement is funny, I have taken the intended meaning and gone the other way

  7. Now I want to get my Jigsaw out and cut something.

    1. It’s fun to just make random wavy cuts really fast.

    2. Bruce Chastain Steve Ramsey Lol

    3. lmfao can’t breathe

  8. I use my jigsaw with a little trigger action clamp (instead of the blade) to shake small bottles of model paint. I modified the clamp end to look like the T shank of the jigsaw blade. It does an excellent job of mixing up paint.

    1. great suggestion

    2. What a great idea!

  9. welp now I gotta go get a jigsaw, this video was so inspiring!

    1. Thanks. It’s a good tool to have.

  10. The reason most jig saw blades are designed to cut on the up stroke is so the shoe is pulled into the work piece as it’s being cut. It’s the same reason bandsaw blades spin down towards the table, creates a more stable cut

    1. That makes sense. Thanks!

    2. Your theory is flawed or better, inaccurate. A jigsaw blade moves up and down no matter what direction the teeth are facing. As far as I’m aware, only Bosch makes the tooth pointing down blade since they have a patent on it. I was told by other companies that that is why they can’t copy the tooth down design. A bandsaw blade ONLY travels in one direction, not a jigsaw blade.

    3. Right, but there is significantly less resistance on the down stroke because it isn’t removing nearly as much material. The majority of the work occurs on the up stroke when the teeth are biting into the material.

    4. Ken Nagrod he’s right. Standard blades pull the saw into the wood for better stability. Teeth pointing down causes the saw to try to jump up. Try it, you’ll see.

    5. andrewford80 makes sense

  11. I knew most of what you mentioned but learned a couple new things. As always, your videos are instructional and you are excellent at describing thing, no matter how complex. I love your style and always enjoy your content, thanks.

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate that.

  12. I was disappointed that you didn’t show everyone how to cut circles without a drill and bit.  I am amazed at the number of users that don’t know how to stand the saw on the nose and slowly return to saw to horizontal.  I use the saw to do free hand cuts in panels.

    1. Amirhousein Hazratifar

      +Gary Finger it’s just figure of speech, what he means is to video you while you are doing it

    2. Name calling? Really?

    3. Gary Finger is not a tutorial is a show room

    4. Plunge cuts generally work best on thin stock.

    5. Gary ive ruined many a base plate doing that as it eventually bends it , but still do it anyway lol

  13. Be sure to buy a good quality jigsaw, the cheap ones will not hold the blades correctly and your cuts will be of poor quality. A little more money will buy you a good quality jigsaw that will meet or exceed your expectations.

    1. Ditto, at least on the cheap ones not performing well at all… Bought a Way-Mart brand for $18 the blade doesn’t even stay within the guides…


    3. I’m Simon oh wow I was just contemplating buying that one

  14. Excellent advice & demo. The blades also have teeth that are shaped for making smooth cuts in different materials. So, 3 blades will have the same number of teeth per inch but each cuts its specified material better. If there are more than one material listed on the package, the first material gets the best cut.

    1. Big Fat Tony’s

  15. What about straight cut? People tend to say jigsaws aren’t good at cutting straight even using guides or fences, so what’s your opinion on that?

    1. Unfortunately they are not. You can do a good straight cut, but it requires a lot of skill and experience, and even the masters can easily screw up, while with the circular or table saw, even someone like me, who is all thumbs, can make a perfect straight cut easily with beginner skills.

    2. Even with a guide the blade flexes and bends. It can also dig in and try to take it’s own course so that it may wander a tiny bit away from the guide. Hence it would not be perfectly straight and it definately wont be perfectly square. For a 12mm or 19mm material, that is not too long, the cut is not too bad you probably won’t notice any small error. Even if you did, you can sand it or plane it. Hence this size of material is what jigsaws are usually used on.

  16. And what if my jigsaw doesn’t cut square? Yes I tried to keep the base nice and flat on the board. Yes the board was a little thick but I don’t think so that much. No, it is a good brand, it was not so cheap.
    What else should I look after if those thing are OK above? The wheel guides?

    1. You feed it too fast, let the up-down movement make the cut, not the forward pressure. Feed is not same for all types of wood, you kind of need to get the feeling for it. It is pretty much right when you feel almost no resistance when pushing forward, that means that the blade did it’s job of removing material before you simply push it into empty space it left, and let it have some more to chew, rinse and repeat. It is good also to pause feeding for a moment while letting saw run in one spot for a moment, in order to let the blade cut material a bit wider around itself on some spots, that way it will have room to straighten itself before you continue your cut.

    2. Hmm… I have never thought about this bit although it is really simple and reasonable. Thank you man, I will try it tomorrow as soon as I get up. 🙂

    3. I wish you straight cuts and a lot of fun with all of your projects.

    4. 😀 Thank you so much. A lots of idea but not too much time and I just started out so not too much done pieces as well. Well, in time, in time…

    5. Random Mcranderson

      I know this is an old comment, but 99% of the time its technique. How you hold your body, how you move the saw, etc. Keep your wrist and fingers steady, turn with your elbow, keep your body close to the workpiece, and keep your index finger to the front of the saw, not the trigger, and hold the trigger with your middle finger.

  17. Specific Love Creations

    There is a higher chance bending the blade on the versions that cut on the downward stroke.

    1. Also, the upstroke-cutting blade work against the shoe, not the operator’s hand, which is both more stable (better control) and safer.

    2. I just lay tape over the cut lines area and mark on the tape and cut, the tale helps the edges from fraying so much giving a cleaner cut when using the upward cutting blades. Also, the lines on the tape are clearer and easier to see.

    3. Johnn Schroeder great advice!

  18. UP-cut blades…probably Japanese jig-saws. LOL. Woodworking joke.

  19. Pro tip: You don’t need to predrill big holes with most blades. Just lift the back of the jigsaw, start it and carefully tilt it back into the wood. I’ve found this trick in manual of my jigsaw when my cordless drill ran out of batteries and i needed to cut big holes in middle of piece.

  20. Ever since I subscribed to your channel I been learning more and more and decided to take up woodworking. Thank for all your helpful videos!!

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