This Woodworking Hack Could Save You $1000!!!

This Woodworking Hack Could Save You $1000!!!

I thought about this in the middle of the evening, and I simply HAD to attempt it! I am really pleased with how very easy it is to do! I hope you get the chance to attempt this out on your own!

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  1. Dowels would be a lot stronger and easier

    1. LeaveMeAloneGoogle

      The mantra of “you can’t get stronger than the strength of the wood” is reasonable but misleading. You could put steel rods all the way through the entire width of a glued-up panel, say a workbench top – that’s stronger than the strength of the wood, right? You’d feel more confident putting a ton load in the middle of it than without the rods, right? OK, yes, I get your point: the wood would be more likely to split along the grain than to have a glue joint fail. UNDER IDEAL CONDITIONS, you’re right. The glue joint line is as strong or stronger than the wood. But people are fallible, so’s glue, and so’s even the wood. Dowels provide additional gluing surface area, mechanical locking due to pre-compression and thus post-gluing expansion, and flex-stress reinforcement. They also might have minor insurance against a weak grain line near the glue line, or help with poor jointing, or poor glue adhesion (esp. with oily tropical hardwoods or over-smoothed edges). And finally, a dowel provides cross-grain reinforcement IN the wood, to either side of the glue-line(!) Think about plywood grain orientation – there IS a reason for it. Doweling provides some of that benefit.

      In short: it’s not enough to say “glue is stronger”. Sure it is. But there are MANY other variables to consider, and the ‘insurance’ of a reinforced joint is well worth it, IMHO after 30+ years of making Nice Things that took me a LOT of work — and expensive wood. I’m happy to spend the extra 5% $ and time on reinforcing the glue-up. Because a reinforced joint *IS* stronger than an unreinforced joint.

    2. Why not go the distance and make the whole panel from steel? The fact remains there’s no substitute for a proper joint. If you’re having trouble properly jointing and gluing panels then try to improve some rudimentary techniques, don’t try to bolster simple long grain joints with some kind of fail safe.

    3. I think we’re all arguing the same point 🙂 Dowels are definitely useful in other types of joints, to reinforce the wood along the grain, and to strengthen imperfections. In this type of joint I’m curious about the rebar analogy. Do modern glues weaken over time due to fatigue for example, or maybe moisture?

    4. exactly what my first thought was, since every wooden folding chair since the dawn of time has them for the same reason 🙂

    5. If it’s just for “an assembly aid” then there is NO structural reinforcement and this video is still useless.

  2. nice tip thanks for sharing

    1. your welcome!

  3. Make woodworking great again young man. Yuge hack! And you came in on time and under budget. Great use of resources. Keep up the great work and resourcefulness. Starting so young you can become a great woodworker with time and effort. You’re destined for great things.

    1. man be realistic is just a plug and i dont think save time
      try this with 5 0r 6 joints 2m long board and you will see that is not save you any time why is this better than dowel plug
      stop being so conformist is a good hack for him and for his age but dont lie encourage and give fake hope

    2. eric robertson : Exposing dishonesty & bullshit is a good thing. This isn’t a good way to align a joint. ” your destined for great things ” , that does more harm, encouraging stupidity. I was being a jerk to someone being a dishonest, harmful, jerk.

    3. Actually it’s “you’re” not “your” BTW. But Mike – *you’re* not anything other than a bully.

    4. pla·ton·ic
      (of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual.
      “their relationship is purely platonic”

      Mike – you also need a dictionary.

  4. so… dowels.

    1. “The kid” has to take criticism.

    2. kid or adult he need to know where he stand nobody have nothing against him but constructiv criticism should put him on the right path
      is just a dowel plug and save no time and money he need to know that

    3. To The Makyato,
      I understand your point. Therefore, I offer you the following:

      Kid or adult, he needs to know where he stands. No one has anything against him, but constructive criticism should put him on the right path. It is just a dowel plug, and it will save no time and money. He needs to know that.

    4. TheMakyato dear “TheMayato”, here’s some constructive advice. HEAVILY invest in education. Skip the woodworking. He need to know that!

  5. This title reminds me of Wranglerstar lol I think woodworkers have been using dowels for a while now in glue ups and projects. I always clamp along the glue line so I don’t have to worry about my pieces not staying flush. I also use woodworking cauls to apply pressure from the top and the bottom to help with that. You could also try using a little salt too. There are much cheaper alternatives than a FESTOOL Domino. Dowling jigs are pretty cheap but I own a biscuit joiner that I don’t use a ton but when I do it comes in real handy.

    1. Not a problem.

    2. lol i know right. THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS JOB…video of him making a sandwich and reading the newspaper.

    3. How much does this Ted pay you guys for this darned link….can’t seem to go to any wood page without this..  Good grief!!!

    4. Click on the three vertical dots to the right of their posts and report them for spam. If enough of us do this, then YT will do something about it.

  6. Area Man Discovers Dowel Joints; More at 11.

    1. thisgoestoeleven- my thoughts exactly

    2. I wish he’d discover conjunctions!

    3. Haha my thoughts exactly

    4. I like the ideas… I would also recommend the program I got
      Countless plans and really the best instructions I found, learned so much in 2 weeks, warm recommendations :)?

    5. If you are interested here are some great woodworking plans you could use: HootWood. com

  7. Kristiane Ransbarger

    I’m not against the use of these tiny dowels which you call toothpicks. I’m just curious how this will save $1000 relative to other methods of joining boards? In your estimation, how much money might one save on average per joint created, and then how many times would that need to be repeated to save $1000? And just like in algebra, please show your work.

    1. That’s not right. Pinch dogs are for pulling the boards glued edges tightly together. The toothpicks are to stop the boards sliding sideways along the glue edges. Pinch dogs of themselves do not stop this.

    2. Kristiane Ransbarger its obvious. The title is click bait. The more views the more money he makes

    3. Damn, your hookers are cheap!

    4. It’s just a bullshit click bait title. These toothpicks do nothing. Better off buying wood joining biscuits. They are super cheap and for $1000 you can buy a warehouse full of them.

  8. So how does this save you $1000?

    1. probably a joiner over many years ?

    2. It’s only in comparison to buying a domino lol. Really, It’ll save you like 12 cents over buying dowels

    3. terryyouth h

    4. I will save the money I otherwise would have spent on biscuit cutters and biscuits, dowel hole jigs and dowels, or worse, a domino, and spend a buck at the dollar store for the toothpicks. This Idea works better than any others I have tried, and it can be done anywhere with my hand drill!

  9. Whatever works. Whether it’s a good idea or not is for anyone to decide. Me, I’m glad that a young man thinks about how to glue two boards together for woodworking and do something with his own hands. And that’s ALWAYS a good idea. KUDOS! Keep it up!

    1. Yeah. Just think how good he’s going to be when he’s in his seventies like me. Wish I had started that young.

    2. Use center drilling jig :p it’s cheap, easy to make and horribly effective

    3. *woodworking plan & guides:>> **** >>>*

    4. heard that in the time just before sleep as the conscious mind goes off line leaving the subconscious mind free to get it’s ideas on the table. Ben Franklin was said to keep pen and paper at the bedside for this reason.

    5. This kid is moronic. This will not strengthen the wood joint.

  10. I reinvented the wheel but it was square

    1. You gotta love this young man. Wesley, I applaud you for you ingenuity, enthusiasm, industriousness and endeavors to share with others. I just ran across this today and Immediately liked and subscribed.
      Looking forward to these and future videos. Keep up the great work.

  11. Good job kid. Keep up the good work. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers. You can drive them nuts by putting them in a round room and telling them to piss in the corner.

    1. Why are you encouraging this clickbait nonsense? You think this makes the world better? He is essentially lying for attention.

      The entire content of the video could have been replaced with just the honest headline “Tip: to align boards for glue-up, consider using toothpicks as dowels.”

  12. From my point of view this is a youngster getting into woodworking or would you guy with the negative comments prefer him to sit behind a gaming console or on the street. Think about it. Give the guy the support to keep him going. Great job from me and keep it up.

    1. It you are going to do a job, do it right. He might as well be playing video games, because this idea is useless. Why doesn’t he learn the right way? Toothpicks do nothing for the integrity of the joint.

    2. Nothing like encouragement!!

    3. Nothing like encouragement for today’s youth!! I guess when you started your were automatically a master-craftsman.

    4. Nothing like mis-information!!

    5. Jake The Snake: When I was a youth, I didn’t make how to videos on a subject that I knew nothing about and did not try to make money off the mis-information. When I screwed up, I was told that I screwed up. This kid in the video is trying to teach people how to…. but he has no idea what he is doing. Maybe we should have a big circle jerk and buy all his T-Shirts. I’m not his mother and I will not lie to him to make him feel like he is an internet sensation! If you post a shitty video..then you get the shitty comments. This is the one of the biggest click bait videos on the internet. Maybe you have saved $10000, because of this video, but I doubt it 😉

  13. ow… you just invented the dowel, that exists thousand years ago…

  14. Андрей Григоров

    Обычные тонкие шканты,и я не уверен,что люди смотрящие подобный контент о них не знают.Юношеский максимализм одним словом.

  15. Pretty clever, good job

  16. thank you brilliant

  17. A pinch of salt is an old carpenters’ hack. Fast, easy and free.
    Butter up one edge with glue. Take a pinch of salt between your fingers and sprinkle it on the edge.
    Snug clamp the boards, make them flush and tighten.
    It’s like having sand in between the boards that keeps them from swimming around.
    The salt partly dissolves and softens. It has never damaged my planer blades.
    I even used a freshly mirror honed block plane on the joint without getting a nick on it.
    You only need a small amount to keep the boards from slipping about.
    I usually use regular size table salt that looks like tiny cubes.

  18. Let the naysayers say nay. I think this is a clever way to make dowel joints on the cheap, and the holes are easier to drill than dowel holes would be. A real dowel joint might be stronger, but as you said, it’s the glue that gives the strength anyway. I’ll definitely be adding this to my arsenal. Thanks for the vid.

  19. Either this kid is mentally challenged or this is the worst click bait troll video on YouTube! The toothpicks will do nothing! You’d save a lot of time just gluing the boards together without them. Yes…they will break very easily, just as will the toothpick method. Why not do it the correct way? There are other videos out there that are real. “Save me $1000″…that is your first clue this kid is pranking you. You don’t get much more “click bait” than this.

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