This Simple Wooden Table Became Something Amazing With Just A Little Bit Of Paint

You don’t require your house to feel drab and boring, do you?

Of course not! When you have friends and family over, you want to be able to show off your residence with pride. So how do you make it find more like “you”? How can you become your house into your home?

Well, you can start by building your own furniture and embellishing that furniture to genuinely personalize your room. Have a look at how this male altered a plain breakfast nook table into a work of art.

He started by building a fairly simple yearn timber table.

To spice it up, he printed out a large nature map, targeted it on some graphite transfer newspaper, and threw it on the table.

Next, he inaugurated find the countries onto the counter so he would have an outline to color in.

Painting the edges pitch-black reaped the eye inward.

Then he began replenishing in the tract masses with pitch-black paint.

Once he finished the cover, he discoloured the counter and contributed some blankets of polyurethane.

The finished product looks like something you’d buy in a catalog.

( source Reddit)

That’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. You can trace just about anything on your tabletop if you want to recreate this concept!

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