This Ogles Like A Normal Table…But When Some Music Starts Playing? Awesome!

Considering that I have very few deceitful bones in my form, I’m always super impressed with people like Instructables user .

Up until now, I had no idea that 😛 TAGEND

1. Coffee tables could be this cool…OR

2. That I could be completely jealous of a table’s musical ability.

If you’re embarrassed, read on. You won’t be disappointed…

Here’s the finished product.

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It’s a somewhat unique appearing counter, but it’s obscuring an breathtaking secret…

But firstly, let’s start from the beginning. This was the enormous record that bongodrummer had just hanging out in his field.

After getting rid of the bark, he sliced it in half and give it dry.

After it was fully dried out, he cut it once again to divulge this beautiful cross section.

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Unfortunately, the grove had separated and warped during the dehydrating process. To sterilize it, he embedded some aluminum scraps in the segment to even out the surface.

He filled the room between each slouse of aluminum with resin…

And sanded it down so that the surface was flat. Looks pretty cool, more!

Then it was time to think about the legs — he expended this old steel bit for one of them.

He chiseled out a cavity at the conclusion of its table on a part where the wood had split. The leg would prevent further shatter after it was in place.

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It fits!

He lent more resin to assure it in place and shut the split.

But what’s this…LED light-coloreds?

There are little LEDs all over the tabletop.

More resin shut them in place.

This was the end result…

But check out what happens when he rotates music on!

If you’d like to check out the entire counter construct, visit the tutorial here.

For other awesome projects from this specific crafter, see his Facebook page.

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