The new aEUR~ voluntourismaEUR( tm ): Low commitment, high impact

A library in Bahia Honda, on Isla Bastimentos in Panama.( Pack for a Purpose)

Voluntourism compounding tourism with volunteer work has already become much simpler in recent years, thanks to a ripening crop of roam corporations and nonprofits that connect travelers with knows that are low-commitment but still make a big difference.

People really like the idea of blending throwing back with a vacation, and there are now many organizations that let parties donate a half a period or a date or whatever it may be while theyre inspecting a end, announced Nancy Schretter, founder of Together for Good, an informational website that helps travelers locate a chance for giving back in The countries of central america, Mexico, the Caribbean and soon the United States.

What will we be doing? Is this a need thats certainly “re coming out” these communities, or is this something that was created for a feel-good know?

Were at the intersection of traveling, tech and blow, did Michal Alter, co-founder of, a 6-month-old online mart of interactive hurtle knowledge offered through 140 nonprofit organizations in 26 country level counting.

Our focus is on short, inexpensive knowledge that give back to local communities, Alter suggested. A typical half-day to one-day ordeal can expense $50 to $100.