The household components we miss the most

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Whether you miss the Spong bean-slicer or mourn the run of the Belling bed warmer, there are a multitude of household applies that parties would welcome back into their lives – and just as numerous that have have never been out of service.

A recent BBC article, questioning which household items should make a comeback ,~ ATAGEND stimulated a flurry of responses from readers propped up in bed clutching their tea-maker sips and apprehending a daytime of mutilating their twin-tub-washed robes while dancing to a Decca gramophone.

Here are some of the items still utilized and others that are sorely missed.

Lord of the dehydrates?

Image copyright Flatley Image caption “She deserves her Flatley, ” 1950 s spouse grumblings, reasonably sinisterly

Julie Moffat from Leicestershire would dearly like to see the return of a contraption called the Flatley, which when she was a child was apparently “indispensible”.

She describes it as “a metal box on rotates standing about 3ft 6 high. Inside were wooden railings and you hung your soaked bathing on it to dry and put the lid on, having plugged it into the electricity to warm it up.

“We amassed around it in the kitchen to keep warm.”

The Flatley is also missed by Mark Binner in Rochdale, whose baby to benefit from own one: “It had a heating element in the bottom and you suspended invests from thin wooden batons at the top. It made a treat.”

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