Samurai Hacks, Fixing Wood Damage

This is the very best method to fix damaged or rotten timber in my point of view. It's quick as well as very easy and also lasts permanently!

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Samurai Hacks, Fixing Wood Damage

This is the best way to repair damaged or rotten wood in my opinion. It's fast and easy and lasts forever!

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  1. I learned the Bondo trick from termite repair guys. They slap Bondo on the eves and external wood of a house to fill in the termite damage when they don’t need to replace an entire length of wood. If you sand it and paint over it, you can’t even see the repair. I now keep a small jar handy. Home Depot sells a Bondo for Wood product, but I recall it was really expensive, so I just stick with the standard stuff.

  2. If you live in Europe. Bondo = PP100 Plastic Padding. Thanks for a great channel !

    1. +kneeclass Yeah, that is the thing, watching this videos. It is hard to understand the European alternatives of the things mentioned in the videos 🙂

  3. The problem with Bondo on exterior wood is that there is the normal shrinking and expansion of the wood, but the Bondo stays hard as a rock and doesn’t shrink or expand. After a few years (might get as long as 5 years) the Bondo patch will be popped up or out by the wood and then looks terrible. I’m a painter and have come across a lot of Bondo-patched windows and woodwork.

  4. good tip! gonna keep that one in ma back pocket

  5. student of selahseei

    A good health tip; wear a respirator while sanding bondo. Guidance n protection.

    1. +student of selahseei I should have mentioned that. I wear one when I’m not making videos.

  6. Yeah, I was taught to use Bondo when I worked in a cabinet shop. Very sticky, excellent formability and little shrinkage, though it sets harder than is necessary. Probably not a good idea for situations with lots of wood movement.

  7. Can you stain it

    1. +Noah Campbell I have knotty Alder doors that were filled with Bondo and then stained. You can’t tell the difference now. It is a dark stain though, I don’t know how it would work with lighter stains.

  8. Great tip!

  9. Side tip when using bondo. Cut it back when it’s starting to set. In it’s semi hard form for less sanding! Maybe after 10 min

  10. Awesome tip! I’m making a live edge slab of spalted maple into a floating vanity and have a couple branch areas and a split that I may use some of the Bondo to fill the interior/ underside areas that cannot be seen. I’ll be using an epoxy to saturate the wood and in some of the larger cracks I will be mixing powdered copper with the epoxy that the bowtie splines (hand carved naturally) will be spanning. as accents to complement the copper sinks, faucets and lights.

    Oh and I bought a couple things from your Amazon store on the site (so my charity of choice gets a little from Amazon also) so two good deeds from my purchase one to you as a thank you for your knowledge and another to my local Scottish Rite speech therapy center for children.

  11. If you see a mushroom cloud in the direction of western new york that was my mind exploding. I never would have thought to use bondo. My chore list just expanded. Great vids, just found your vlog channel and already sub’d to your other channel.

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