My Top 10 Non-Traditional Shop Tools / Hacks

Here is a list of my to ten favored woodshop "hacks" and other non-traditional devices.

My Top 10 Non-Traditional Shop Tools / Hacks

Here is a list of my to ten favorite woodshop "hacks" and other non-traditional tools.


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  1. These are some great tips. I also use a leaf blower. Makes cleanup a breeze. 👍

    1. Christopher Demetrick

      Thanks Joshua

  2. Woodworking Fangirl

    Where did you learn drawing? At college?

    1. Christopher Demetrick

      I am more a doodler and it just a natural thing. I never took any training.

    2. Woodworking Fangirl

      I hope we get to see more of your drawings and how drawings and woodworking go together.

  3. Thanks! I added several items to my Amazon wishlist. I’m just getting my shop setup so tips like these are really helpful. 

    1. Christopher Demetrick

      Thanks- maybe think about taking  couple videos of your build?

    2. +Christopher Demetrick I thought about doing some unboxing videos as I get new tools and equipment but I’ve noticed unboxing videos don’t seem to do well with woodworking and maker channels. Once I have the shop the way I like it I’ll probably do a shop tour. Thanks for the suggestion. 

  4. Great ideas I enjoy your videos

    1. Christopher Demetrick

      Thanks Chuck

  5. Michael Puffenbarger

    thanks i like a few of your tricks especially the sandpaper filer that is ingenious. i have have been experimenting with ways to keep all my numerous driver bits.  Good ideas thru out.

    1. Christopher Demetrick

      Thanks Michael

  6. Homebrew Wood Products

    Good stuff thanks sharing

    1. Christopher Demetrick


  7. Very good tips.  I use plastic muffin boxes as a small parts holder and wine corks to cover X-acto knife blades. Thanks, stay warm.

    1. Christopher Demetrick

      thanks and that a good “tip” on the knives.

  8. Thanks Chris…I added the light box to my Amazon wish list.  That will come in really handy for scroll saw work.  Great tips!

    1. Christopher Demetrick

      I use it more that I thought I would, I was going to make one but you cant beat the size of the LED ones

    2. I’m sure the absence of heat is a nice factor as well using LED technology.

  9. Great stuff Chris, I haven’t seen any of those tips anywhere else on You Tube so thanks for that, I for one would love to see another similar video. Thank you for sharing matey. N.

    1. Christopher Demetrick

      Thanks. I want to make more like this, it was fun.  

  10. I enjoyed the video.

  11. Great tips!!

  12. Good stuff Chris. Just found your channel and subscribed.. JimE

  13. I attach wire baskets to workbench or TS. Push stick and other tools stay in, dust and chips fall to the ground.

  14. awesome tips! the label maker reminded me of Sheldon from big bang haha

  15. some good common sense ideas

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