Make a simple woodworking box joint jig

Below is a basic jig for making box joints on your table saw.
Thanks to Per Almered who created the dazzling Helpful Woodworking Suggestion Time jingle for this collection. Take a look at his job below:

This tip was initially seen in "Knitting Box", Feb. 12, 2012.

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Make a simple woodworking box joint jig

Here is a simple jig for making box joints on your table saw.
Thanks to Per Almered who created the brilliant Handy Woodworking Tip Time jingle for this series. Check out his work here:

This tip was originally seen in "Knitting Box", Feb. 12, 2012.

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  1. Can you stack boards by staggering them?

  2. Steve, as a beginning woodworker I find your videos entertaining and very
    informative. Thanks for all the work you put into them! But lets address
    this lesson on box joints. My mind can be as dense as any hardwood I’ll
    freely admit, but doesn’t a box have four sides and top and a bottom?
    (grin) I’ve watched this video and probably a dozen others where the lesson
    is how to build the jig then cut a “direct cut” on one end of a board then
    an “off set” cut on another board then the two are pushed together and the
    woodworkers says, “And that is how you cut box joints”. Ok, by why stop
    there? Why not show the other six cuts that need to be made if we are
    making a box. Are the “direct cuts” made on the top and bottom pieces, and
    the “off cuts” on the side pieces or visa versa or does it matter? Which
    what should they be facing, when making a cut, should the side or top be
    turned clockwise, counter clockwise or just flipped? Eventually I did
    figure this out after watching over a dozen videos on box/finger joints and
    making a mountain of sawdust in my shop. Thanks Again!

  3. And as soon as i heard the words “dado stack”, i was disappointed.

    1. +Mr2at I agree. They are illegal in the UK

    2. +Gwyn Buckley Everything is illegal in the UK.

    3. the watcher of things sauron

      crazy808ish= all is illeagal or must have a licence for in Australia the
      police controled country !!

    4. I suppose you could gang up several blades next to each other, assuming
      your spindle is long enough? Or get a blade with a quarter-inch width cut
      and do 1/4″ fingers?

    5. Get around the idiot UK officials by using a router table to do these.
      There are many plans on the internet for these.

  4. can u make a dovetails jig for a router

  5. Too bad they are e legal in the UK I love using mine. Not the best in the
    market but it does the job. I found doing them with router i would get more
    tear up. I’m not a carpenter or woodworker bi all means just a hobby but i
    found them to be great. I’m just in the process of editing some videos of
    projects i made were I use dados . I’ve seen a lot of fancy jigs but I’m
    just going to make a simple one like this one. great job explaining how to
    make box joints.

  6. Love the videos! Question: my joints are too tights (I’d have to hammer
    them in). What am I doing wrong?

    1. mine too..did u figure out why?

    2. +Cal M If they are to tight, then move the jig further from the blade. If
      they are too loose, then move it closer.

    3. I could be wrong, but I believe it’s the opposite of that. If you move the
      reference block further away, you’ll get thicker fingers. I think you want
      to move the reference block toward the blade to get a “looser fit” (i.e.
      thinner fingers).

    4. Why not try the 2 above processes and discover which it right??? Or do you
      want someone to do it for you – lazy?????????

  7. easier said than done. tried same technique with a single blade. can’t seem
    to get them to fit. they end up too tight. fail

  8. steve.. bring back hwwtt… plsssss!!!!!

  9. Hello. can anyone advise to weather a dado stack cutter can be used on a
    Titan TTB674TAS

  10. convenient…..good enough for me

  11. Marwan Abu Tarieh

    Dear Mr. Steve.

    i am one of your subscripers and recently i didn’t receive any thing from
    your channel.

    best regards.

    1. Dear Mr Marwan,

      Thank you for our message. It has been forwarded to the team that
      specialise in addressing irrelevant comments.

      Regards, Me

  12. Dado stacks are not illegal in Europe – you just can’t buy a new saw with a
    spindle to fit them anymore so its a bureaucrat’s answer to banning them.
    Simple – import your saw from the US.

  13. he has a new channel and its awesome

  14. Thanks I don’t believe I have seen dado stacks in Australia but I will use
    the same technique with my router.

  15. Just get to the point and stop goofing around with the jokes

  16. thanks! :)

  17. I would make the square peg a bit longer – then you can stack two sides
    together for each pass. That means four passes instead of eight. !

  18. Perfect. The gears and the threaded rods can’t compete with the simplicity
    of this method.

  19. Thank you for simplifying this jig for me! Made one yesterday and it works

  20. This works great! I did need all that other stuff just to make a few boxes
    for my studios. Love you videos.

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