Life Hack for Cutting Nails or Screws with a Woodworking Hand Saw

Envision a situation: You are working on your tree residence. You should reduce a few nails or screws, but you recognize that you did not take a steel saw with you.
You might go home to get a metal saw, but that's means you'll loose a hr. Time is cash!
You do have a normal hand saw with you.
Cutting nails with a woodworking handsaw is a terrible concept. You do not intend to damage the teeth. The good news is there is a method to cut nails with a hand saw as well as do not harm saw's teeth.

This "Life hack" was instructed to me by my papa. It was late 1950s or very early 1960s when he first saw it.
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  1. im so first

  2. Samuel Tejeda Iglesias

    cool im the first one

    1. 2nd u idiot

    2. 1 to say 2th duh

  3. Amigo, los padres y abuelos de uno tenían toda la astucia y salida para las adversidades. Saludos y gracias….!

    1. +samvicisa
      Eran otros tiempos y tenian que trabajar con lo que habia 🙂 Gracias!

  4. Thanks I’m gonna use this in a bet against my father

    1. +nick kuttian
      Nice one!

  5. very smart solution!! i like your suit by the way XD

    1. +Doodle Dave

    1. +Gato Land

  6. +Shake the Future For a moment I thought you were somehow going to snap the nail with the hole in the end of the saw. Cutting a nail with the back of the saw is a neat trick.
    When all you have is a hammer, suddenly everything starts to look like a nail 😉

    1. +Spoif
      That is so true 🙂

  7. so..after watching this video i bet that china company will make 2 teeth saw..upper one is metal saw and the bottom one is the wood saw..

    1. +shafiq narutomaniac
      2 in 1. That would be handy.

  8. @Shake the Future
    do you smoke weed?

    1. +Βά λιουμ
      No, I don’t.

  9. Круто, возьму на вооружение!

  10. Impresionante. Has conseguido hacer un canal de youtube bilingüe. Felicidades

    1. +IsmaxGG MP

  11. kristoffer christensen

    you sound just like necrit :b

  12. OBT - Tutorials How-to's

    nice video! check out my channel for tutorials.

  13. ouucchhhh yeeahhh

  14. If you have a hammer you could just take the nail out with the back

    1. Shake the Future

      +Eoin Moore
      Yes, but that’s not he point 🙂
      It’s more for entertaining purposes…make a bet…etc.

    2. +Shake the Future ah I see

  15. Impressive

    1. Shake the Future

      Thank You!

  16. Thank you. Need to file of nails to fix kitchen cabinet.

    1. Shake the Future


  17. Thnx. That great tip

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