In Just A Few Paces, This Guy Built A Home Theater In His Basement…Epic!

In 2014, the number of beings going to actual movie theater touched a 20-year low-grade.

Reasons went from high-pitched ticket prices to lackluster movie the possibilities and an increase in streaming capabilities. But I’d insist something different altogether…

You look, when it’s so simple to build your own at-home movie theater, I can totally understand why people would rather curl up in their cellar than must be addressed the staggering smell of stale popcorn.

Don’t think it’s so simple? Well, I give you AtTheLeftThere‘s DIY creation!

Before getting to work on his cellar, he sketched out his motif and obliged sure the cable was in order.

He decorated the ceiling pitch-black for a real theater vibe.

Red walls were also key.

Wiring for the illuminations and electronics was hidden in the walls.

AtTheLeftThere manufactured his own 105 -inch screen out of projection cloth and portions of pine for the frame.

Then it was time to get to work on the risers.

He opted for two-by-sixes and portions of OSB for the platforms.

This shelving unit would impound his gaming consoles, video games, and other odds and ends.

He made carpet on the risers to prevent reverberate and add a style of coziness.

Couches and other furniture portions became in…

Along with some old-school movie posters.

He gave it a whirl and is eventually pretty satisfied with the results!

I’m not going to lie…

I’m somewhat resentful of this home theater! While I still plan on going to the movies for 3-D movies, this definitely has its own plead. When can we come by for a viewing party?

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