Im A Muslim, But Im A Lutheran First

As a Muslim, parties have all sorts of preconceived notions about me based on stereotypes perpetuated by the news media, Hollywood, and just plain ignorance. But if beings were to take the time to get to know me for who I certainly am, theyd find that while I may be a Muslim, I am a Lutheran first.

When people assume that Im a fundamentalist because of the fact that I am Muslim, they are missing the bigger draw that I am Lutheran. Its a struggle Ive had to deal with personally, but when I get to chitchatting about how the Catholic Church is too strict in its observance of the Eucharist and that everyone should be allowed to take intercourse, people realize that Im so much more than just someone who attends a mosque: My true-life ardour is being a leader in the Lutheran community.

Just as your race, gender, or sexual direction is not all that you are, my Islamic faith is not the only concept that defines me. Yes, I pray to Allah, but I also play baseball with my girls, work on projections in my woodworking patronize, and attend services at my neighbourhood Lutheran church.

Like all Muslims, I follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, but first and foremost I am a piou Lutheran who believes that Jesus Christ croaked for our sins. If you spent a period with me and encountered just how much age I work on outreach those programmes and fundraisers at Our Savior Lutheran Church, I think you would understand that being a Muslim is far from my whole story.

Muslims in the U.S. are used to living with a suspicious see shed on them, and events merely look to be getting worse for us. But before you start looking me up and down for a obscured rocket when I sit next to you on an airplane, remember that I could just as easily be cheering next to you in the stands at a football match, sitting beside you at a PTA meeting, or singing Christ the Lord Is Risen Again with you in a faith pew. And when you do, be sure to introduce yourself, and match the real me.

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