How to Cut Dovetails on a Tablesaw

Discover furnituremaker Gregory Paolini's straightforward methods for tablesawn through-dovetails. And also, a technique for half-blinds too. Visit for even more woodworking strategy videos.


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  1. That’s a nice joint and all, but I’m really more impressed with your audio.
    That’s the most pleasant recording of a table saw I’ve ever heard.

  2. Can’t we just glue and nail the two boards ?

    1. +xl Of course you can! Some people just want more.

    2. exactly…the general public don,t give a f**k the way a draw is
      constructed in the 21st century.

  3. It’s great, very “simple”, and it looks way better than anything i would do
    with a chisel only haha

  4. you have some SERIOUS skills.

  5. luis flávio cataldi costa

    Mr suas aulas são maneiras, muito obrigado (thank you).

  6. tyfugu h ui

  7. glue the nail in your hand

  8. I LOVE YOU.. from your babes Kebabs <3 <3

  9. wattpad lover

  10. Good video but with that said I just found it amusing to see how it
    started. What’s wrong with using a router if you’re going to use a power
    tool anyway? lol It kinda gave us the impression at the start that this was
    going to be done by hand. in other words what’s the difference in using a
    router? If you have one it seems like a waste of time doing it this way.
    But on the other hand if you are going to do them by hand then you would
    have a point at the start of the video. Anyway just something I noticed,
    and great video again

    1. +Leslie J. Shelly Never spam comment sections again you sad excuse for a
      human being. Flagged

    2. you should watch a david barron video on cutting dovetails. he bangs out
      hand tool ones in about 10-15 minutes. if that. good stuff. solid and
      clean. this is more work than that. threre is no need for power tools at
      all. imho.

    3. The Source
      you’re a real pos, stop spamming

    4. Sorry if you see it as spam sorry. I am loving these plans out of
      excitement. Sorry for sharing

  11. Excellent video! Thanks for sharing! Very professional and nicely done!

  12. Completo este brother.

  13. I made it by myself. I used woodprix scripts for that.

  14. do it yourself , go to woodprix page and learn how .

  15. What is the Angle of the dove Tail???

    1. 1 in 7 is what I was taught. Don’t know what that is in degrees, off the
      top of my head.

  16. who needs dovetails in this day and age …the only people who appreciate
    them nowadays are geeky stone age woodworkers.

    1. And people who want their drawers to stay together when they pull them out.
      There is a point of using dovetails. They act as wedges when you pull on
      the drawer front, which is why they are used there. Same as using a wedge
      to keep an axe head on a handle.

    2. lapisredux all of the kitchens I design and build are from scratch and
      include dovetail joints on every drawer box. Furthermore, every architect I
      have worked with specifies dovetail joinery. Lastly, dovetails are the
      hallmark of fine craftsmanship. If you want to build pallets or dog houses,
      use nails.

  17. Good informative video.

  18. Nice work and a great tip that I’ll try on an upcoming project with exposed
    DT joinery. I may have to do a combo of Tsaw and hand cut, as the top is
    too long for this technique, but this’ll help with a joint that intimidates
    me a bit. This takes out “some” of the margin of error with hand cutting.

  19. way the much work

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