He Used Wood Boards And Some Mugs To Cause Something Anyone Would Love To Have

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been a huge follower of activities that creating pedigree or friends together for a nighttime of fun.

Whether you’re playing in front of a screen or over members of the board, there’s really nothing to me like going against your loved ones in a friendly competitor for the coveted entitle of win. That’s why if I had any woodworking knowledge at all, I’d definitely consider recreating what this person made.

When asked if he could help out at a non-profit happen, Redditor hellkyng decided that it needed something unique that would entertain each client and facilitate break the ice between strangers, so he constructed a barn door mode Plinko game that everyone would enjoy.

First he affixed a few lumber committees together with two shorter timbers at each end.

After exploiting dowel poles and adhesive to organize a shelf toward the bottom, he set copper cups on top where they’d catch the ping pong balls.

Next, he mapped out and drilled defects for the dowel poles that they are able to steer the balls down to the jugs, then hammered them in with a rubber mallet.

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