He Left His Old Life Behind To Create Something Utterly Beautiful

After spending years as a goldsmith and immersing himself in the knockout of metalwork, master Benjamin Werner left his position behind to start something new.

Endlessly fascinated by the comparison between wood and precious metal, he generated a line of startling jewelry called “Silva Aurea.” In the artist’s words, the identify represents “handmade jewelry, great attention to detail, and the seamless combining of grove and metal.” His fusion of rustic and polished points yields indisputably luxurious results.

Werner invested innumerable hours analyse the functionality of wood until he knew how it would behave in numerous settings.

“Silva Cubi”

“Silva Flucuts”

“All wood used in ‘Silva Aurea’ jewelry has been stabilized( vacuum robbed with resin and hardened) to make it more sturdy, ” he writes.

“Silva Scutula”

“Silva Simile”

Werner is also clever when it comes to placement. In this ring, for example, instead of wrapping one part of lumber all the way around, he divided it into three detached duties to avoid useless tension from wreaking havoc on the piece.

“Silva Fenestra”

“Silva Simile”

This stabilization process also gives the timber a glossy finish that examines ravishing alongside its shiny, metal counterpart.

“Silva Acervi”

“Silva Draco”

The contrast between timber and metal could easily have stepped into jarring territory, but by focusing on composition and office, Werner managed to create a sense of harmony.

“Silva Circinus”

“Silva Oculus”

All of his jewelry is made by hand in Germany, so if you’d like to add a truly unique fragment to your collection, you are able to defer prescribes and commission requests on Werner’s website.

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