Hand tool projects & tips for the beginner woodworking

Hand tool projects & tips for the beginner woodworking give your work will certainly be phenomenal and also distinct from machine-produced items with hand tool woodworking This video will certainly inspire you to removal far from your power devices as well as attempt woodworking with your hands alone.
hand tool projects & tips for the beginner woodworking
Hand device woodworking.


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  1. How inspiring. Wonderful stuff 👍🏻

    1. Woodworking Plus

      thanks you

  2. Thank you for taking the time to show us beginners some sound skills.

    1. Woodworking Plus


  3. You are great instructor. I hope you continue.

    1. Agreed, learned a bit and loved all of it.

    2. This dude is a pro isnt he?!

    3. This is Frank Klausz. He is a pretty famous woodworker. This video is
      probably from the late ’90s.

  4. Mr. Klausz, as a novice to real craftsmanship, I’ve seen many instructional
    videos, but yours are not only very informative and precise, but easy to
    follow and understand the importance of each step in the process. I also
    admire your presentation. You show a true love of the craft without making
    the viewer feel inadequate for lack of experience. You are not pretentious.
    Thank you for that.

    1. Here Here!!! Where can we get more videos from Mr. Klausz????

  5. just 7 minutes into this video and i really wish i would have found this
    sooner.. would have saved me hours and hours of searching thru dozens and
    dozens of videos trying to fill information gaps

    great work guys! (it says published 2016, but it must be a pretty old video
    from somewhere else?)

    1. Given the saw says “West Germany” (see 1:05:51), that would place the video
      at over 20 years old

  6. WOW, and to think I’ve been using chisels straight out of the box, and not
    sharpening them correctly, DUH. Thanks for the info!

  7. now I can act like I know what I’m doing

  8. Mr. Klaus, it appears that you allow your coursed water stones to dry out
    between uses. Is that the case? I’ve been told they should remain soaked or
    they might get brittle and shorten their knife, but flattening dry like you
    do makes sense. Thank you for you teaching.

    1. He may have let them dry out for the purpose of flattening them. It seemed
      his water-tight box had a section dedicated to the larger stone, which he
      said must be kept wet.

    2. yes, he said only the smaller finer one didn’t need to be soaked.

  9. Where’s the rest of the video? It cuts short.
    This is hands-down the best woodworking video I’ve seen on YouTube.

    1. Yes, where *is* the rest of this video?

    2. I was really enjoying it too.

    3. JustSayNoToTedsWoodworking Scam

      Gray Fox it’s on the DVD this fake scam channel stole it from. Frank Klausz
      is a well-known and famous woodworker.

  10. I admire your tool collection, all beautifully arranged. Perfection.

  11. Impressive skills! Are you Irish sir? Your accent is very interesting!

  12. oh my god, this is so great! so good listening to experts explaining their

  13. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve watched many videos on sharpening hand tools and
    none are if this caliber. I love that he doesn’t ignore the existence of
    modern hand tools. This will be my go to guide for years to come.

    1. really in my opinion the thing that draws people away from woodworking (or
      any other craftsman job) is the cost of the big powered tools. He mentions
      a router in this video a cheap router costs $160 a set of 3 STANLEY chisels
      costs 18.99

  14. one thing that is missing is how to prepare the grinder – how to centre,
    true and dress the wheel. Which types of wheels to select (material, grit)
    would also be nice.

  15. InformationIsTheEdge

    I am indescribably impressed. As a kid, first entering the workforce, I
    brought home the phrase, “tricks of the trade” which my father immediately
    corrected. “Don’t learn the tricks, learn the trade.” This gentleman has
    mastered the trade. It is evident even in the brief digressions. Thumbed up
    with enthusiasm!

  16. What a fascinating fascinating video !

  17. Hand tool PROJECTS and tips? Where are the projects???

    1. On the DVD.

  18. Excellent video. You are a teacher, a real one. Thank you very much. Hope
    to see more of your videos.

  19. Is there a chance to have closed caption for this video? I’m deaf but would
    like to see what he is talking about.

  20. That was therapeutic

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