Greeting Card HACK. Unique gift idea!

Certain, you could get a musical greeting card for a person unique, however why deny a music welcoming card and tear it apart rather! I implanted its musical device right into a handcrafted wooden card. Learn more about this job on the WWMM website:
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" Princess Meow-Meos's Motif" by Each Almered.

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  1. Howard Springsteen

    Love the project this week Steve.  Looking at the electronics made me wonder if there is a way to replace the music in the card with what you want.  

    1. There are cards that have recordable units on them.

  2. Backyard Woodworking

    Now that’s nice Great Idea and well done. Have to look for that photo transfer paper never seen that before. Thanks Steve.

    1. Backyard Woodworking

      +Steve Ramsey Thanks Steve now I know how to do it.

  3. Great video, very creative project Steve!

  4. It must have taken a little extra time to edit in that song, but the joke was totally worth it.

  5. Great job Steve. Can you expand on Inkjet Photo Transfer some time? Regards.

    1. Thanks for that Steve

  6. Very cool project Steve!  Princess Meow Meow is like the sixth Beatle now!  lol

    1. I think Princess Meow Meow falls in line just after Pete Best and Brian Epstein…  But I do agree, it is a very cool project.  Of course, just about anything that includes The Beatles has got to be a very cool project.  Thanks for the video +Steve Ramsey !

  7. Creative & Random

    I love these funny microjig intros 😀

  8. Great job Steve, I will have a go at that, cheers Harry.

  9. Why not make sound work when you open it?  Was it a time problem?

  10. Smart project!  Interesting and very creative  Thanks.

  11. Great job on the musical greeting card Steve.

  12. 0:56 sure would sound good in my van.

  13. 3mm plywood? do you mean underlayment?  not masonite… maybe hardboard?  hahaha….  

  14. Awesome! I really like the way you repurposed the electronics & made it your own:)

  15. how did you program the music on to the chip

  16. Very cool idea Steve, thanks for sharing!

  17. But Steve… But Steve…. You eliminated the “cool” aspect of it by putting the “pull” tab at the top of the card … Why would you do that…??? Shouldn’t you have put it in the middle of the binding so it would play when you opened the card…?? To me that’s what the musical card is “all” about… You open it to read, and it surprisingly plays you a tune…

    1. +Steve Ramsey Might not be woodworking but check out reed switches. With little soldering you could replace the plastic strip with a magnetic switch.

  18. very fun!!! i want one!

  19. mohamad ali Eetesami


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