Facebook to open Startup Garage at Station F in Paris

Station F is better known as “the worlds” biggest startup campus. Based in Paris, the huge historical shrine is going to have 3,000 tables for tech corporations of all kinds. This morning, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg came to Paris to announce that Facebook is going to be one of Station Fs open spouses. Here are all the details.

We talked a lot with this ecosystem and a lot of corporations decided to help us, French billionaire Xavier Niel alleged. Facebook was the first that wanted to be part of this good idea.

Niel founded telecom firm Free and has a cluster of startup-related projects as well, such as Kima Ventures, an very early stages investment company, and the free coding academy 42. Hes financing Station F with his own fund, with Roxanne Varza leading development projects.

Were thrilled to be a founding marriage and start the Facebook Startup Garage here, Sandberg alleged. My guess is that were going to learn even more from working with you than you working with us.

Starting in April, Facebook will have 80 tables on a mezzanine near the entering. The Facebook logo is already there, waiting for the buildings grand opening.

Every six months, Facebook will work with 10 to 15 startups and help them as much as they can. There is likely to be Facebook engineers and weekly shops so that young startups can learn from Facebook. And Im sure Facebook will recognise potential acquisitions fairly early with this program.

Some of the first startups are Chekk, Mapstr, The Fabulous, Onecub and Karos. With 32 million monthly active users on Facebook in France, Facebook could lure quite a few startups.

Later well launch our first program laboratory at Sciences Po working with Ecole 42 and SupInternet, Sandberg said.

This project is unrelated to Station F. Thirtystudents will meet with Facebook every week to form the world a better place( or thats how I think about it ).

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