DIY Hacks – 8 money saving handyman and woodworking hacks

Here are 8 helpful hacks for woodworkers, handymen, and also property owner. These hacks will assist in saving you time and money.

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  1. IZZY owns SLEEVES!

    1. Shhh dont tell to many people

  2. Genius. I was afraid I would need to buy long clamps. These are going to
    help me out a lot for a future project.

    1. Bits of Pulp I find el cheapo ratchet straps to be very useful for things
      your clamps don’t reach over.

  3. Everyone I have known named Izzy has been a good guy. These are helpful
    tips. Especially the drilling 90 degree holes w/o the drill press. I have
    wrestled with that for years. @66, not to old to learn something new. Thank
    you Izzy

    1. No, thankyou Larry!

    2. you know someone named izzy? more than one?

  4. I knew wood had to be seasoned but I’ve never seen it done like that

    1. ba dum tsch! Brilliant 😆

    2. +Max Falto hahaha! :’)

  5. The toothpaste took care of that cavity! I’ll just be on my way now.

    1. whamases That’s what happens to timber if you use sugar instead of salt.

    2. Everyday Adventure: termites‼️

  6. HACK:
    When trying to find center on a small wall for a picture (like the one with
    the tooth paste) and you can’t find your measuring tape. Take a page from
    the newspaper and rip or cut it to fit from the corner to the trim. Fold in
    half and place against the wall. the edge is your center.

    1. NIce one Paul, thanks!

    2. Newspaper? what’s that? LOL

  7. Brother I’m so glad I found your channel again ! 100 % great 😎😎

  8. Joshua Burton (Scientific Spartan)

    This is probably not the most brilliant idea but I’ve always been
    fascinated by Neodymium magnets. If they are large enough, they could be
    helpful in holding things down as well as holding your tools while working
    and whatnot.

    1. Yea but if youre not careful they will kill your finger

    2. Joshua Burton (Scientific Spartan)

      +thatIlluminati _
      Yes, you are correct. You really can’t be too careful with those magnets.

  9. Hey Izzy, you’re a really cool guy, thanks for the tips and such a well
    done video.

  10. A real cool hack is using ice cubes in a garbage disposal drop 3 in and
    turn on the disposal on this acts like a sharpening stone and will put a
    nice edge on the blades without harming anything, I have a ton more just
    ask and I’ll help out with what I can I’ve been a maintenance technician
    for 6 years and love to help people out!

    1. John Daugherty Thanks John!

  11. When did the term “helpful tip” get replaced with “hack”?

    1. When did the original meaning of “hack” now replace the original meaning
      when it was used to describe hacking away at a program so it took less
      punched cards and therefore less chance of the stack getting dropped and
      messing up the entire program?

      That, and “hack” is much easier to type than “MacGyver”.

    2. +Wulf-359 When did the original meaning of “hack” get replaced but the
      computer meaning instead of the original meaning form MIT’s model railway
      club where a hacker was a person who understood the hugely complicated
      railway system well enough to modify it without disturbing existing lines.

    3. +Völundr Frey
      Never heard that definition, tbh.

    4. Völundr Frey Sometime after it was used to describe rough or inaccurate

  12. So you have a band saw, jig saw, and scroll saw…but no clamps or drill
    bits? Got it.

    1. drill bits break ALL the time and he said if you don’t have the clamp or
      enough clamps. either way dude why bring the negativity

    2. He said band saw, jig saw OR scroll saw.

    3. The nail for a drill bit is an old trick from the days before most peeps
      had finish nail guns. Hand nailing splits hardwood molding quite easily. If
      you use the finish nail you will be using to drill the hole you will get a
      perfect tight fit and never split the wood. It’s an old Indian trick. I
      know because an old Indian tought it to me.

  13. Need to brush teeth in an emergency? Easy. Rub teeth on wall

  14. great tips Izzy!
    just one thing, not a good idea to drink while you’re holding a modelers
    knife in the same hand… >_<

  15. I discovered for drilling consistent holes at an angle (ex; a series of
    straight dowel pegs angling slightly up) drill a hole in a block with a
    drill press then miter cut the top/bottom of the block at your desired
    angle – presto – you have a quick drilling template

  16. Very good hacks.thank you,but one thing i can`t understand ,why you color
    your cordless drill? ? ?may be Dewalt or Milwaukee ! ! ! ! !

  17. Easily find the center of a board without math – lay your tape on an angle
    with 0 on one edge and any number you know what’s half of on the other; the
    half-way number is the middle of the board. Do this on each end & you have
    two points for a line.

    The toothpaste one is an old college trick for when kids move out of the
    dorms; if there is a pinhole in the wall, they ding you on your deposit.
    Don’t know if I’d use it in my house though, as the oils in the toothpaste
    will eventually leech into the surrounding wall & discolor it.

  18. محمد منصور محمد الكردي

    good very. very good

  19. all that?! just buy a damn clamp already…!!!

  20. great stuff! so simple and yet I never thought of it,

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