5 DIY Hacks – Reclaiming Pallets and Barn Wood

5 Hacks to earn your woodworking store time a little simpler. The Urban Thesaurus say a hack is smart remedy to a challenging trouble. So according to the Urban i think these suggestions are hacks?

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  1. great tips! err, I mean hacks!

    1. +tim sway Yeah i dont really know what a the difference between hack and a
      tip is.. i thinks its because i am old . lol

    2. +izzy swan maybe they’re hack tips, groundbreaking stuff right there.

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  2. #5 is the best… I’ve stuck magnets on things to hold them around the
    workstations, but never inside lubricant bottles. Love it!!

  3. WOW! finally a You Tube Video that uses common sense, Izzy, You

    1. If it was common sense, would not this video be unnecessary?

    2. +kodez79 the video isn’t common sence, it uses common sence

    3. That comment made no sense. If the things shown in the video is using
      common sense, then it would be common to be able to figure out this, as in
      most people would do the same given the circumstances. In fact, I am quite
      sure that most people would not come up with these solutions, and as such,
      it cannot be claimed to be common sense. See the wikipedia article, first

  4. some clever ideas.

  5. Outstanding! Great tips brother👍

  6. great stuff…. i used the wet cloth and iron on a gun stock, pops out all
    the dings nicely!

  7. Unusual in that these are all good and usable. Thanks.

  8. And the brass screws?

    1. izzy swan-I’ve had a screw that was worth its weight in gold.

    2. right on some screws are really pricey

    3. shadow the hedgeheog

      I fоund this аwеsоmе аll in оnе сhеаааt fоr ААААrсhееееаgе 🙂
      https://twitter.com/6af323e9578138160/status/754955443043045376 5 DIY Hасks
      Rесlаiming Раllеts ааааnd Barn Wоооооd

  9. First time viewer……..Im impressed. Will be using crowbar in a vise soon
    for pulling nails.

    1. Awesome! Thank for checking out my channel John

  10. I like your hacks…only most modern pallet builders use compressed air
    nail guns which usually set the fasteners below the surface. It’s a whole
    new day for salvagers as…you are screwed. It now takes way more work &
    the wood is also much more damaged. Unfortunate but true.

    1. I have a lot of pallets to clean up and have been wondering if drilling the
      nail heads would be a practical way to make this task a bit easier.

    2. never thought of that

  11. Please run for President! Our country needs you!!

  12. Oh, useful tips.

  13. What wood are pallets normally made of?

    1. Are you sure about that?!
      -John Cena

    2. Not oak generally. Oak doesn’t hold up well in moisture conditions. Ash,
      Hickory, White Oak, maybe. Dense hardwoods. And some dense softwoods.

    3. usually offcut of pine in australia .Ive had teak from Indonesia though

  14. My brother got a nail through the hand helping me get nails out of some
    pallet wood.

    After that I started calling him the Andy-Christ.

  15. the best hack ever is your unstoppable creativity , this hacks all other

  16. What did you spray after you glued the magnets on the plastic ring?

  17. What type of torch do you have? Bernzomatic?

  18. Good, no, great thinking Izzy….!

  19. Clever tricks ! I especially like the ones with the magnets involved

  20. how many magnets do you put in your cutting oil bottle

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