101 Woodworking Tips & Tricks

Advice from all elements of woodworking.

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101 Woodworking Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks from all aspects of woodworking.

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  1. Great tips and great “acting” (it was acting, wasn’t it?)

    1. Yeah. Him and the obrigado troll. Always flag the fuckers!


    1. There are a few tips to consider before you setup a woodworking business
      Will you get support from your family?
      Are you self-motivated?
      Will you carry out your plan?
      Do you have the money to start?
      (I learned these and why they work on Enata Wood System website )

    2. There are several factors in starting a woodworking business from home. One place I found which successfully combines these is the Enata Wood System (google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the no.1 plan i’ve heard of. look at all the awesome information.

  3. I agree, after #49 I have to subscribe

    1. *woodworking plan & guides:>> **http://woodworkingtechniquess.blogspot.co.uk** >>>>*

  4. I love how every guy has a differnt take on woodworking.
    I also hate how most of them have more Tool’s/toys then I do.

    1. if you consider I’ve been actively woodworking for almost 25 years now… I really don’t have that much. Maybe 10-12k total which is less than $500 a year in the hobby.

  5. Buy a caliper, you can check your scales ( all the rulers are in england) with the dial or digital caliper end to 1″ and end to 6″ then use an 18″ scale to check a tape measure end to markings @ 18″ the longer a scale the better. 1″ @ 1″ and up…….. to the end. All the lines should match up. I always use a machinist’s square to set up tools. You can also make sure your framing square is square and some are not, place on the edge of straight bench, plywood, MDF draw a line flip it over and draw a line on top of the first line, if they match up its square if they split get a new squar.

    You can check a level with a plum bob. Just to make sure you’re always on the level.

    1. I can tell your a machinist/engineer. No need to throw away a good tool. You can resquare a square, even the metal framing style (you use a nail punch).

  6. this was cringy, but tips are tips.

  7. This was hilarious and educational.

  8. bigfoot makes weapons

    noice planer

  9. Reinhardt Zimmermann

    Nice one bud! Wish I’d seen this 3 years ago when  I started wood working.

  10. what a fun video to watch.
    good stuff! (from japan)

  11. i have must to subscribe this… nice!!

  12. I tried to catch a falling belt sander while it was on when I was a young lad

  13. Love this! It was hilarious to watch and I picked up a bunch of good ideas. Love the chopstick ones.

  14. Marian Stănescu

    I must be watching “The Secret Life of Dr. Bull”…

    1. I don’t get the reference.

  15. Great video. There were so many things that I had no clue even existed.

  16. What saw was he using?

  17. #45 with the wax. Is it a special wax or can you just use a candle stick?

  18. you’re a worry but you gave a lot to help me so I thank you.

  19. excellent

  20. Good going dude,you manage to pass on helpful tips and all the while keeping the fun factor in there and that feathery sense of humor !!!!

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