These Gears Really Work?

From Woodworking Plans. Clayton Boyer shows a selection of square, oval, pentagonal, organic and other unbelievably-shaped gears– and they actually function! Woodworking strategies available at


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  1. Q: What’s the gear ratio?
    A: It’s complicated

    1. especially on the last ine

    2. no its not That is called a planetary gear its in every automatic

  2. Some people just wanna see the world turn

    1. Greatest comment in Youtube history

  3. Jethro Q. Walrustitty

    This is both point- and useless. I LOVE IT! Great work!

  4. when my pasta machine broke I found two elliptical gears inside that had
    broke every single tooth inside I concluded at the time that these
    elliptical gears while necessary for the continual pasta thickness change
    in the rollers were not a good idea because they did not have the longevity
    I needed for my machine was there a way to Repair this issue? My pasta
    machine was a Marcato Atlas brand pasta machine it was quite expensive was
    there an upgrade I I could have given it?

    1. Kasai Sakura (Kasai-Chan)


    2. Kasai Sakura (Kasai-Chan)


  5. Brenden Schoeberlein

    They may work but they aren’t as strong as round gears because the corners
    make stress points. So it really is pointless. Not saying it isn’t cool
    though it definitely is

    1. One use for it is drive a roller that is free in, say, the vertical
      direction. The roller will oscillate up and down.

      So you can apply varying pressure in a very simple mechanism. Not pointless.

  6. so what’s the purpose?

    1. for funsies? like there’s probably various mechanical properties that could
      and probably have been exploited by these kinds of gears. but the video is
      for FUN. for people like me who get joy out of seeing unfamiliar machinery,
      or familiar machinery tweaked into something new.

  7. Brilliant gear works. I love to see how you make clean electricity with
    only gravity.

    1. This idea is not perpetual motion. In fact we already make electricity with
      gravity (hydroelectric dams).

    2. Is this name taken?

      +Lucas Bobbitt She said “with ONLY gravity”. Hydroelectric dams require
      water to flow down, and then the water need to go back up to flow down
      again. For the water to go up the hill, they need to be evaporated into
      clouds, which require heat energy.

      So, no, hydroelectric dams aren’t “gravity only” because they require heat
      from other sources.

    3. Are we being that specific? I was simply stating an example, a truthful one
      at that. I never stated that hydroelectric dams use “only(?)” gravity. It
      is also true that hydroelectric dams do not constitute perpetual motion. We
      know this because they, you know, work.
      Not to mention, gravity provides the “energy producing” step of
      hydroelectric power generation.

    4. +Is this name taken?
      It is true that heat energy and a bunch of other inputs to the system, but
      I can say that the heat energy required to evaporate the water to elevate
      it can be ignored, for the lifetime of humanity the Sun will not cease
      which in turn is free heat energy.

    5. Is this name taken?

      +Lucas Bobbitt Sorry, when you said “This idea is not perpetual motion”, I
      thought you were referring to Rita’s original comment about making
      electricity with gravity only.

      Meaning, I thought you meant that using gravity only doesn’t necessarily
      mean perpetual motion.

  8. Ralph Steiner beat you to these designs by about 80 years


  10. WHAT!?!?!

  11. The last one is essentially an automatic transmission.

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  14. 🙂

  15. This is actually a fascinating study in perception. I hear on some
    dimensions all of existence can be perceived as an infinitely intricate
    clockwork mechanism….. But I digress. Thanks for the video.

  16. CubesCubesCubes Captain

    Porn isnt aloud on youtbe

  17. The various background sounds are really the cherry-on-top that makes this
    wonky-gear presentation the work of mad genius that it truly is.

  18. When it comes to gears, I like watching people make a MESH of things!

  19. Just goes to show that not all gears need to be round

  20. Yes.

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