Making a 3D end grain cutting board #3

Free woodworking guide "The Basics of making end grain reducing boards" –
Woodworking, making end grain cutting boards, chessboards, jewelry boxes, woodworking strategies, etc. –


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  1. Максим Иванов

    пиздец, вот это мастерство

    1. Сергей Купран

      А сколько цена?

    2. Сергей Купран

      780р – это дорого? Шутишь?

    3. Сергей Купран

      Черт. Это только чертежи. Мда.

    4. от 12000 до 29000 с данным рисунком

    5. sokol_ok aka stalkerok BDRip-AVC рипер

      Цены не для российского рынка, или для зажиточных

  2. на таких досках которые делает этот человек и резать то не хочется, жалко

    1. Бухтей Калдырович Синько

      такие доски у шеф-поваров на стене в кабинете рядом с портретом Путина
      висят))) какой там резать на них… они тебя за такую доску самого

  3. Коля Вячеслюк

    одно дело с деревом уметь обращатся, за это отдельный лайк, а другое с
    пространственной геометрией на ТЫ, за это сотню лайков не жалко. Много
    твоих видео видел, но это самое крутое!!!

  4. а что за ванночка? масло льняное? ну если не секрет конечно)

    1. Ага ..понятненько спасибо…как я понял можно без вакуума обойтись..и так
      пропитает достаточно

    2. +MrVladexus Примерно на 1 мм. Это и достаточно. Мебель же не пропитывают
      под вакуумом.

    3. спасибо за рекомендацию попробую пропитать свой раритетный фотоаппарат этим
      маслом..желаю творческого вдохновения в таком красивом деле)

  5. So basically anyone with an industrial level woodworking workshop could do
    it!! hahaha.
    It is very fine work. Thank you for showing us. Thumbs up from me.

  6. The work is really nice but you ruin it with using this crazy dangerous
    mineral oil!!! You will ust the board for food! Inform yourself how
    dangerous mineral oil is in our body. If you use eatable oil for covering
    it is good! Use linseed oil for this! The only possible oil for work that
    comes in contact with food. With mineral oil in the body inflammation can
    be triggered in the liver, lymph nodes or the heart valves, a cancer risk
    can not be excluded and the hormone system can be influenced. And you have
    kids! What are you doing???

    1. Harald Windecker

    2. Harald Windecker

    3. I just wanted to point out that Harald is choosing to be this stupid,
      though. I mean, you can literally google if mineral oil is safe. The only
      type that isn’t safe is untreated or mildly treated mineral oils, which are
      advertised and well known to be dangerous. However, sufficiently treated
      mineral oil is completely harmless to people. For that matter, it is an
      extremely common ingredient in baby lotion and other cosmetics, with no
      recorded harm coming from it’s usage.
      You’re literally trying to convince us that air is toxic to breathe, but
      finding out the truth is as easy as taking a breath.

    4. Ah, to have a different opinion is stupid? I would say it is much more
      stupid to put chemical things in your food that is not natural.

    5. Harald Windecker No, having a different opinion is not stupid, your opinion
      is stupid. There’s a difference. Your opinion is not based in facts or
      science but your belief that mineral oil is bad when so long as it stays
      below a certain threshold of hydrocarbons it’s not harmful to the body. You
      continue to believe this despite science and the laws that exist in the
      U.S. and E.U. that are based on science and facts. If you had said you
      prefer to use some other method of finishing this butcher block that would
      be fine, that would be a matter of opinion. But what you did was say
      mineral oil and beeswax is not a safe way to finish a butcher block. That
      is scientifically and factually wrong. So it’s not your difference of
      opinion, it’s your disregard for facts that make it stupid.

  7. очень красиво но сильно мудрёно получается сложно запомнить действия что за
    чем ….

  8. Veramente bravo. Complimenti anche per il video.

  9. That is awesome, definitely inspiring! You make it look so easy too!

  10. владимир григорьев

    Никогда не думал что разделочная доска может быть шедевром…Просто
    наслаждение глядеть на такую работу..Здоровья Вам ! Радуйте нас…

  11. I would put that in my office as a rare collection

    1. I totally agree with Emmanuel. I’d hang that up as art in my office, no
      question about it.

  12. José Ricardo da Silva (Manutenção)

    Muito bom,perfeito,trabalho excelente.

  13. I could use a coffee table in this design. It’s beautiful, keep on doing
    what you do it’s amazing.

  14. genius dan canggih …luar biasa

  15. That’s the most beautiful cutting board I have ever seen!

  16. sem palavras. parabéns

  17. perfect very nice to see!!!

  18. Amazing👍🏼😉

  19. Amazing !

  20. Ale to robota fahowa!

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