How to Build a Murphy Bed. Free up floor space in your home!

Obtain $50 off any kind of cushion! These are incredible mattresses. Comfy as well as cost-effective.

A Murphy Bed is a fantastic method to liberate room in your home and also making your own is not that challenging. Review the full post and download strategies:

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How to Build a Murphy Bed. Free up floor space in your home!

Get $50 off any mattress! These are awesome mattresses. Comfortable and inexpensive.

A Murphy Bed is a great way to free up space in your home and making your own is not that difficult. Read the full article and download plans:

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  1. Steve: You are pretty cheap if you can’t invest into some longer lengths of pipe which you can always use later in life! I one time bought 20′ galvanized pipe for a very large deck job with engineered exotic lumber. I later cut it down in size to use on cabinets and other jobs! Those clamps look like jorgensen & are great in my mind!! Buy longer pieces of pipe.

    1. Yep, I am very cheap!

    2. Steve Ramsey lol

  2. Ads are getting smarter

  3. Geez. $750 for a mattress. I paid $179 for the one I use. Otherwise, cool video.

    1. +sidecarnutz Great bargain! Thanks for sharing.

    2. You got back problems yet? If not its on it’s way.

  4. I really do like to watch your videos

  5. I hate you for making it look so simple! Now if you can only ship it to my house that’ll be great! and yes I don’t care if it’s pink haha jk thx for sharing this cool video

  6. Hi,thanks this is great I wish I lived in your street.

  7. Hello, my name is Chou. I want one of these for my home in China Town but it’s hard to free up the floor space. I tried to borrow my friends Jeep for the materials needed, but because of some miscommunication, she now thinks i’m a creep and tries to invade my home using her ninjitsu training she learned from nextflix. I’m not sure if I can ever get this job completed now. Please, any advice would be helpful.

    1. The solution to your problem is simple. Kill the girl and stage it as a suicide. You can watch Spotless or Scandal for tips. Steal her car, get the supplies, build it, and bam, you have a murphy bed until you’re eventually caught for your friend’s murder and thrown in a prison cell where you’re raped by a big white guy named either Michael, Tom or Big Frank.

  8. I’ve come to like the micro jig ads haha anybody else

  9. $200.00 on amazon , other brands and they last

  10. Makarizo Santiago

    You talk just like Fred Willard.

  11. Hi Steve, I liked yr videos. Please show us more projects that requires only, handsaw, drill, 2×4 etc. Most people don’t have bulky, expensive shop equipment.

  12. I play all your videos at 1.25 speed because I don’t have a lot of time to watch, but thanks for all your help. You’re instructions have been indispensable.

  13. Great video. There’s something I’ll like to ask though. I’m working starting a wall bed manufacturing business here but I want to construct the stud plates and male and female hinge plates to reduce my cost. Is there a way you can help with the dimensions of the plates? Please. Thanks.

  14. This was a good advertisement for the matters but nothing to take home for one who wants to build a murphy bed.

  15. Hi steve i love yours projects

  16. I watch all u videos
    Simple and perfect

  17. I was wondering if it was possible to make a queen sized Murphy bed that sets over an air vent, with an air vent that will allow the air to come above the bed when it is down, and one below the bed when it is up?

  18. 750 bux… I sleep on a futon matress slammed to the floor and I get the best sleep ever.

  19. So, when are you coming to my home to build a murphy bed?

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