Colibri: an organic motion sculpture

Make your personal! Woodworking strategies are readily available at

Colibri is a wooden kinetic sculpture that mimics the motion of a hummingbird in flight. Every component of activity has been totally mechanized, from the whipping wings to the flaring tail. Intricate systems of affiliations and webcams bring the sculpture to life with a continuous circulation of meticulously timed expressions. As each device has been connected to the next, Colibri cycles through its full series of motions by the basic turn of a crank.

This task is my eighth woodworking design task and also is by far the most intricate job I have actually done so much. From start to finish, Colibri took me about 700 hours.

The music used in this video clip is "The Arctic Light" by Marika Takeuchi.


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  1. +ilias milnis Take a look at the sample plans at the bottom of the Colibri
    page on They list out all the hardware you need. That
    should help give you an idea for how much it would cost.

    1. +Maurizio Roncizvalle That’s not CGI, dude, that’s a gen-you-wine wooden
      clockwork mechanism. Clockwork is amazing…fascinating how life-like a
      motion you can get with cogs and sprockets…

    2. Maurizio Roncisvalle

      yes thank you, maybe it is the translator of google does not make me
      express good….
      Spring Loaded Devices?

    3. The plans do not provide information to motorize Colibri. However, there
      are some guidelines for motorizing here:

    4. Maurizio Roncisvalle

      I guessed well that operates with an engine ….. thanks

    5. +Dmitriy Medvedevskih
      That’s what the comment says. “Take a look at the sample plans at the
      bottom of the Colibri page on They list out all the
      hardware you need.”
      After that, it should be a simple matter of googling the stuff for

  2. Volodymir Evdokimov


  3. Super! Bravo!

  4. amazing!!!!

  5. sokruthefluffyfurball

    Youre super talented!

  6. onde posso comprar ? muito bom seus videos

  7. Genious! You captured the movements of life in gear. Congratulation

  8. I’d love to scale this down so I could make one with a 3D printer but I’m
    sure finding smaller hardware for that would not be easy.

    1. Scaling down is difficult. I know of one person who tried it. He had some
      challenges along the way, and I’m not sure if it was fully functional in
      the end or not.

  9. This is just…wow.

  10. The way the wings move…it’s so beautiful. And the detail in the flower
    itself? This is priceless.

    1. Thank you!

  11. Beautiful design, Mr. Hugger.

  12. Genius. This has inspired me to do a build. What a brain stretcher! Here is
    one I have working now:


    Un extraordinario prodigio de la ingeniería. Felicitaciones a su genial

  14. Beautiful idea- to take the motion of a hummingbird! You celebrate nature
    magnificently! Love this piece!
    Edit; My goodness, I have to add, after checking out the sample plans, the
    hours to get this piece right! Gobsmacking!
    Bravo, Derek, Bravo!

  15. Just finished my build of your beautiful sculpture. Had to convert most of
    the sizes to metric as living in the UK and McMaster-Carr will not export
    anything from the USA. As soon as the skin has grown back on my fingertips
    from all that sanding i can wrap it. im sure my mother will love it too.
    Thanks for the plans (your brain is wired different from most people to be
    able to think this up :-)

    1. How long it took you to cut all of those parts, sand, asseble and tune it?

  16. This is awesome Derek. Till now, 13 have no sense who didn’t like it.

  17. Владислав Демьяненко

    It’s very coo-o-ol…

  18. hi, im thinking in buy, can it be made with mdf? only one type of wood? or
    its needed and specifict material?

    1. I suppose it could be made with MDF, but I worry that MDF might sag over
      time. Baltic birch plywood would be a better material choice.

  19. One more absolutely useless and wonderful machine!
    Thanks for uploading!!

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