02 How To Build A Bed • Platform Bed Assembly

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In this video clip I end up putting together the bed.


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  1. LOL! There you are, still a kid and jumping on the bed! That is hilarious.
    Does look very stout.

    1. That was in my sales pitch when I was in my 20’s. It closed many bed frame

    2. Heh. Don, Google+ notifies me every time you comment on YouTube…and where
      does it get me? A video on building platform beds. Sweet! Timely and
      relevant to my interests!

    3. +Michael Mol Not sure why Mike. Check your settings…. however Allan
      Little (AskWoodMan) is an amazing woodworker so you lucked out.

    4. +Don Vander Jagt oh, I *know* why; you’re in my “family” circle, which I
      have configured to notify me. 🙂

  2. “You’re a good boy”…love it, funny.

    1. He really is a good boy. The best in my opinion.

  3. My wife goes mental when I jump on our furniture. She always seems to
    think I’ll either break myself, or break the furniture. She’s such a girl.

    1. Sue always does the final editing tweaks on the videos. I walked in and she
      had added River Dance music and had messed with timing to make it look like
      I was The Lord of the Dance on top of the bed. I had to object. Just not my
      style, although pretty funny.

    2. +AskWoodMan Tee hee 🙂

  4. please i need some help what would should i use for bed frame and after
    finishing what paint i have to use for bed

  5. very nice.. exellent

  6. Will you have plans on your website soon? I love the look- and the
    simplicity. Thanks!

    1. Sean the plans are in the works. But I know there is enough info in the
      videos to build the bed because quite a few people already have. Plus I can
      answer any questions. That bed frame is a proven design that is simple but
      built like to take absolutely anything human being could do on a bed frame.
      I am trying not to imagine the possibilities 🙂

    2. +AskWoodMan Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been watching your videos
      and making notes. I am going to start the legs soon- … as I collect
      smaller “scrap” pieces from a home renovation project. Love your detailed
      videos- it’s obvious you are thoughtful about your work.

  7. what type of wood is used for the slats?

    1. The slat wood is yellow poplar. It is very cheap where I live and is very
      strong and fine grained. Poplar is my choice for a shop utility wood.
      Thanks for writing Danielle. Allan

  8. FINALLY!!!!! finally a good design. ty

    1. +Richard Earle Thanks Richard.

  9. How to sort out the boards on the bed haha

  10. hi, this looks really good!
    you do not mension sizes of timber or bolts or how you cut the timber.
    i am new at this and would like to make a double bed like yours.
    can you send instructions?
    malcolm ditchburn (uk)

    1. You are on video 2. I cover every aspect of building the bed in the series.
      There will be plans for sale in the future.

  11. Wow, looks professional

    1. +Joseph Foster I have been a professional woodworker for almost 30 years.

  12. This bed is truly an excellent example of craftsmanship and design. Your
    videos are very thorough too. Given this labor intensive process, what is
    the fair market value of one of your beds in a queen size if you don’t mind
    me asking?

    1. +Matt Hirn As I said in the series I had not built one of these beds in
      well over 20 years. I am not building them now so I am not quoting prices.
      I did this series to show people how to build a proven design themselves.

    2. And a beautiful job of showing people how to build it is what you provided.

  13. I am going to start woodworking, I am ditching my plan of becoming
    architectural technologist. My father has been carpenter all his life. So I
    will be able to learn from a pro. Your bed design is going to be my first
    thing that I will make for myself. Not only it looks great, it also seems
    to have a great design with legs being away from then end corners.
    Everything about this bed is good, and thank you for sharing with us. Your
    work is great

  14. very clean and professionally done , also I like the design of the bed head

  15. Plans are out of stock :(

  16. Your video is so awesome! Now I really wish I took woodworking in high
    school. Until I lived alone, I never realized how many things I would want
    to build or repair but this really motivates me to keep learning at least
    basic skills.

  17. Wish you sold them! I would love one

  18. omg nice i need one like that nice job

    1. I just want to thank you for your woodwork arranges [Link Here==
      https://t.co/RbPbupodVQ ]. I have attempted a few different arrangements
      and most times I get lost on what to do. This is the least demanding and
      most basic arranges ever.

  19. Susan Harrison (Mizz Dollystop)

    now thats a bed!

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