You can make this five-board bench in a weekend. Fun woodworking project!

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My handle the classic 5-board bench. This simple woodworking task is great for nearly any kind of area. I think it works especially well in an entrance, as a location to take your shoes off. Super easy construction: I joined my own together with pocket holes and screws.
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  1. Wow, I really like that design Steve. 

  2. I made your cube in a cube years ago… maybe 6 or 7 now, I’m glad to see
    you’re still doing videos!!

  3. Steve, Love your projects. You make projects we can all do without having
    years of woodworking behind us.

  4. Как называется синее устройство для сверления отверстий у вас в видео??

  5. What is the blue device for drilling holes in your video ??

    1. +veniamin zapasov Pocket Jig

    2. Спасибо! thank you

    3. its called a kreg jig or a pocket hole jig. VERY HANDY!

  6. too many commercials showing up on your videos , the odd 15 sec not too bad
    , 30 secs I move on

  7. steve gosto muito dos seus videos, e agora legendado melhor ainda, um forte

  8. I really dislike the first video being interrupting by the intro, you need
    to stop that

    1. +farhad miah Haha…I never interru…Microjig!

    2. +Steve Ramsey fair enough 😂

    3. +Steve Ramsey that deserved a like,,,,

    4. +Steve Ramsey I think it’s funny everytime microjig interrupts

    5. +Steve Ramsey The microjig interru is the best thing. I suscribed for that.
      And the harry´s ads xD

  9. The old English way of using oils to protect wood was; from the start every
    day for a week, every week for a month, every month for a year end every
    year for life. I always try to use oil when I can. Cheers for the video

  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..(:

  11. Im Danich ;-}

  12. Gracias, buen trabajo.

  13. The best looking of your project I’ve seen. Looks really nice. But got a
    question. Has top already cracked due to wood movement or not?

  14. Hi ! Great video. i’m learning a lot from you!
    I have a question – at 4:08 you drive the pocket-hole screw towards the
    edge of the wood. (the part without any “meat”). Although, on your
    pocket-hole tutorial video you said that the screw should be driven towards
    the middle part of the wood (the “meaty” part).. Just wanted to know if you
    used some special technique here beside glue ?

  15. Congratulations, I really like your projects for the simplicity of each and
    everyone, I’m new and peared in Mexico City, I just subscribe to your
    channel and my works are only DIY, so this page Mere Mortals me It looks
    great, SALUDOS¡¡¡

  16. Great stuff Steve- thanks

  17. Very helpful videos and thank you for taking the time to edit the videos
    and being succinct (no rambling on or over thinking what you are trying to
    say). Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

  18. *This is an amazing collection! This is the best woodwork plan I’ve ever
    seen [Link Here==**** ]. I built a lathe and a dog
    house using the plans here, and they are very easy to use. Thank you so
    much guys. This is a goldmine.*

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