Toy Planes. Easy Woodworking Project. Free Plans!

► ► In this video, I demonstrate how I made two toy aircrafts: a single-wing plane as well as a biplane. Find out more and download and install free strategies:

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  1. Thank you, Steve. You bring a lot of enjoyment to a whole bunch of us. If
    nothing else you inspired me to change my life for the better. Literally
    you showed me that what I was doing wasn’t what I really wanted to do. You
    helped start a whole new company and what we do and what we create makes
    people really happy. And that makes me happy. Thank you, Steve, for hours
    of learning, entertainment and inspiration. If anyone can make Makers Care
    a success, it’ll be you.

  2. Those look great. Getting out in the shop today to see what scrap I have to
    use for this.

  3. Wordsnwood (Art Mulder)

    Great design, Steve. Looks like something you could batch out a bunch in a
    short period of time.

  4. Good on ya, Steve! I’ll definitely be submitting my plane to the site. I
    look forward to seeing what this new organization does next.

    1. I was looking for a place on the site to volunteer, but there doesn’t seem
      to be one. Not sure what you guys would need, but would love to help, if I
      can. Also, you might want to start a mailing list on the site.

  5. Those are neat little planes. Hope to see you next week!

    1. +Steve Ramsey were making them planes at school I’ll need to show a picture
      of it when it’s complete

  6. That’s awesome! Nice job, Steve! Just got a bandsaw, might have to make
    this my first project.

  7. it’s a little plane

    1. +Nick Ferry spicy meatball*

    2. Dan @ The Robbins Workshop

      +Nick Ferry Ouch..

    3. +Dan aka Basuraman plane – not plain

  8. Hey Steve can you show us how to make a wooden train set!

  9. I wonder how much spray adhesive there is on his workshop floor.

    1. +pikachu1324 I’ve been making about 1 project a week involving spray
      adhesive for the past 3 years, it doesn’t ever really collect. (at least,
      for me)

  10. Mike Fulton (MFWoodShop)

    What a fun project I’m on it

  11. Black Widow Woodworks

    cant wait to build my own and help out make a wish foundation.

  12. Came out awesome, loved the roundovering with the router!

  13. These are GREAT Steve!
    Good on you for your support of the MAWF.

  14. very cool idea ! such a great thing you are doing.

  15. Steve, do you sand your projects at all after you use the spray lacquer?
    Every time I try the spray lacquer my project comes out rough and not
    smooth. Love your videos! I’ve come a long way with woodworking because of
    you, Thank you!!!

  16. Thank you, Steve its very cool

  17. Jason McCabe (Camulas)

    I clicked the link to find these plans, but was unable to. I saw all of the
    pictures of you making it, yet I could not locate the plans.

  18. Cristian angulo leal


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