Small-Space End Table. Or Night Stand. Free woodworking plans.

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I truly delighted in creating and also constructing this little table. It's a very easy project to earn as well as will certainly look excellent in almost any kind of space! Review the complete write-up and also download cost-free plans:

Linn's paste wax:

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  1. Can I say first. I love the small appearance of Princess Meow-Meow

    1. She should be nominated for an Academy Award next year for best cameo!

    2. +Jeff P cam-meow

    3. +Jake Abel Moreover, you only need to stick to the comprehensive
      instruction and simplify the woodworking and building process to your dream
      learn more here: <<<<<<<<<<<<

  2. “Whenever I use pocket holes I like to use glue on the joint also.”
    HAHAHA! Poking a little fun at +Matthias Wandel I see.

    1. +Channel+ Maybe those hieroglyphics haven’t been deciphered yet 😉 I also
      recall in one of the woodworking magazines, in a section in which they ask
      if readers can identify old tools, one was a 19th century pocket hole
      jig. It used screws.

    2. +Oan Nam The results are in. You might as well save your glue for real
      joinery. It adds nothing to the strength of pocket hole joints.

    3. +dlwatib Already seen them and thanked him for the more sincere test. 😉

  3. Nice work…..btw where did you get that edge trim razor thingy

    With all due respect what happen to the days when ppl would just make
    videos to share…like when I was making them several years ago.
    All the promotional stuff gets old after a while. It’s hard to know if
    someone really likes the product or are they just promoting because they
    want/need the sponsorship.

    Again, I mean no disrespect…..I love your videos and think you would a
    cool dude to hang out with…so my comment should not be taken negatively.

    1. +Rick James I am all for content makers to make money, but imo there are
      other ways then filling your vids with promotions. I haven’t made videos in
      a few years, but unless things have change drastically, it’s pretty hard to
      make a comfortable living off Youtube vids…. unless you have hundred of
      thousands of views/subs. I am not sure how these guys do it…or maybe my
      life style is just a little different.

    2. Maybe your integrity got in the way of making money. You can’t really have
      both on youtube. Steve seems like a nice enough guy but his whole premise
      in the beginning was that people didn’t need a lot of expensive tools to
      build projects. I think he meant it but when he accidentally started
      making money he decided it was a career choice thus the ads. I just wish
      it were a little more sometimes, like you know you have to pay to get
      anything from the Wood Whisperer so I don’t bother with him but some folks
      are fine for paying and that’s their business. Steve kind of sneaks it in.
      Have a good day, thankfully we still only have to watch what we want in
      this country

    3. WCM I really miss your work dude!!!!!! Watched your channel for years and
      it was one of the best custom PC channels on YouTube? Any way you’ll start
      making vids again?

    4. +Jon Scott Smith Thanks for the compliment…..really appreciate it.
      If i do it will be computers, woodworking, and welding…..I know they
      don’t go with each other, but those are the things I enjoy.
      Thinking about calling it WCM Garage…what do you think?

    5. +WestCoastMods That sounds amazing man. Be sure to post a vid up on your
      WCM channel to let everyone know when you create the new channel. And I
      think you could find a great combination of those 3. Just make a metal and
      wood custom PC case so you can weld the metal, work the wood, and build the

  4. Why wouldn’t you paint the sides of the drawers

    1. That’s fair enough then. Nice project never the less!

  5. Nice design Steve! Love the open shelf between the drawers. The nail
    machine gun cracked me up. lol

    1. Yeah, that had me laughing too. Steve is a funny guy!

  6. J.O.E. The Carpenter


  7. Steve, I’m a lady married to a lady, and I just found you tonight. I have
    to say, I love you! And I find myself wishing for you, that you make great
    money and respect for your craft, because you are — to someone without
    your talent, skills and knowledge — a woodworking ✨magician✨!! Wish we
    were neighbors. I’d buy you beer as payment for allowing me to watch you
    work your magic. I’d also be poor, as I have plenty of ideas I’d wish to
    pay you to build for us! I’ve SO subscribed to you! Peace and happiness to
    Sarah from faaaaaaaarrrrrr northern MN.

    1. +Billy Strickland lol

  8. I really like this video because it gives me enthusiasm, knowledge, and a
    lot of novelty !!!

    1. Mandy H. Villarreal

      +Shirley B. Perkins
      *It will save you lots of money on woodwork project if you have the in
      depth woodwork plan. Click view here >>> *
      *WoodWorking–** !!!*
      >>> Hope help !!!

    2. +Shirley B. Perkins > Woodworking Made Easy With TedsWoodworking
      > *woodmasterplans.tumblr.Com*

  9. Yeah, that was terrible this year, an injustice was had at the Oscars.

  10. Hey Steve,
    I built these tables for our bedroom. i actually built them so the long
    side had the drawers and faced out from the bed.
    Thanks for the idea.

  11. What kind gig did you use for the legs and where can i get one?

  12. How often would the wax need to be applied for the drawer to slide

  13. just beautiful.

  14. for those of us who arent tool savy. what did you use to put the drawers
    together? was that a brad nailer? if so what size nail?

  15. the first 2 second reminds me of a movie called Boywood. lol

  16. Thanks for this video and build, along with the others you do! I just
    completed this as my first project. I made this for my 6 yr old daughter
    who wanted a night stand for her 7th birthday, so she could put a glass of
    water by her bed at night. Thanks to you she will not go thirsty!.

  17. Could resize it to make it bigger???

  18. Jose Childs's Channel

    #Buzzy913 Thanks for this video and build, along with the others you do! I
    just completed this as my first project. I made this for my 6 yr old
    daughter who wanted a night stand for her 7th birthday, so she could put a
    glass of water by her bed at night. Thanks to you she will not go thirsty!.

  19. What was that tool you used to trim the edge banding? I need one yesterday

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