Click on this link for hundreds of simple to build woodworking strategies!
1. Cold Funk – Funkorama – Kevin MacLeod
2. Easy Jam – Kevin MacLeod
3. Talky Beat – Double Musicom
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Images picked from internet search engine and/or totally free sources.

picked as well as edited
by Zoltan Eberhart

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  1. yes, spot on, Zoltan! ( I say your name reminds me of a science-fiction
    character! )..good music, too!

    1. Zoltan’s a species in Faster Than Light, too 🙂

  2. your choices of music are always great too!! love it.

    1. to bad you dont know what a tool is…

    2. what???? its sh yte!!!!!!!!!!

    3. cccseven7; I’ve heard this song used on several other videos. I’ve been
      asking if anyone knows name or performer, any chance?

    4. +Mowgli Hajduk Music
      1. Cold Funk – Funkorama – Kevin MacLeod
      2. Easy Jam – Kevin MacLeod
      3. Talky Beat – Twin Musicom

    5. Zoltan Eberhart; You rock sir! tyvm for the info 😀

  3. Am I the only one that’s tired of plumbing fitting and sewing machine base

    1. Yeah, the sewing machine legs got kind of old. I mean 200 times, well,
      ok… but after that….

  4. where are the DIY useful tools. Mostly just a bunch of ugly furniture

    1. Christopher Campbell

      DIY USEFUL TOOLS Ideas AKA Stuff made from junk.

  5. not seeing very many tool ideas

  6. this is such a peaceful video. loved it.

  7. very insperational

  8. Wow. Super Creative. Love it!

  9. lots of furniture, not many tools…..

  10. Wheres the Tools? Rename it…Pipe and Sewing machine bases Ideas.

    1. Tom Langley Maybe they mean tools converted into other things.

    2. exactly – where’s the tools

    3. Mostly like an Interior Decorators use for tools.

  11. Some really awesome creations but not a lot of useful tools shown?

  12. some cool stuff; you clearly do not like to see antique sewing machines in
    one piece, LOL

    1. StandsWithABeer. it’s like “why repair them? ,make a table out of it”

    2. Well, I have a few sewing machine stands, but the machines are long gone.
      Maybe I can use them for small table bases rather than letting them sit
      around and rust away.

  13. Many of these ideas brought to you by Mario and Luigi.

  14. About half these are made from old Singer sewing machine castings or
    galvanized water pipe fittings, suggesting the same guy made everything.

  15. How many sewing machines died to make this video?

    1. Maybe none? I have seen many more bases with no machine than the entire

    2. +Hank Mike Many parts, no wholes. Sounds like a lot.

  16. That pitchfork chair is a bad idea.

    1. Oh, wait the forks are stuck on a stick, my bad.

  17. nice work see mine thanks

  18. great ideas BUT WHY THE REPEATS???

  19. How are these “Tools” ideas? And mostly quirky, many quite poor and cheap
    looking, like the use of rebar as balusters.

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