DIY CNC Woodworking Machine-How To Make An Ultra Precise CNC Router+My Story-FULL Plans/Videos/eBook

Discover just how easily you could build a powerful "Ultra-Precise" CNC Woodworking Device– Pastime version/Desktop version/Professional wooden and/or metal base versions– (Step-By-Step, along with "ALL" described plans, drawings, directions etc):.
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► The Smart Saw is the only ultra-precise woodcarving maker that spits out one-of-a-kind Do It Yourself jobs almost on auto-pilot. The Do It Yourself Smart Saw program is a detailed video overview plus PDFs and also comprehensive plans that reveals you how you can place it with each other in an afternoon making use of parts you could find existing around your residence.

✔ It can spit-out one-of-a-kind, personalized pieces of woodwork.
✔ It's a 100% self-correcting device.
✔ You'll never ever need to lose at any time or any type of cash on wood.
✔ Any individual can make one of the most intricate DIY jobs quickly.
✔ It works 20 times faster compared to the human hand.
✔ Once you've made a style you can print it out as lot of times as you desire as well as sell it.
✔ And also it functions completely on auto-pilot.

► Below's How Easy It Is to Follow The DIY Smart Saw Program:.

✔ Firstly, you have video footage and commentary assisting you every step of the means.
✔ Right from the beginning you'll find a full list of all the devices and components you'll be utilizing.
✔ Each section of the manual is filled with tips, notes as well as ideas.
✔ And also besides the video clip you additionally have actually detailed notes broken down into 4 stages.
✔ Every action of the building is cited detailed images and perfectly designed designs that make it similar to putting together Legos.

Picture a sharp sculpting device connected to your computer system or laptop. It relocates from front to back, left to right and also up and down relying on exactly what the computer regulates it.

► The device is so simple you can put it with each other on your own quickly. Typically woodcarving machines like the Smart Saw expense tens of thousands of dollars. Yet if you comply with straightforward "step by step" overviews and also strategies, you'll develop a Do It Yourself Smart Saw right from the very first shot even if you never held a hammer before.

► The Smart Saw contains 3 versions. Pastime variation, Desktop version and also XXL variation:.

The Pastime version has a material work space defined by the style. Consequently, with no development of the office, the basic restriction to the dimension of a product item it can deal with is:.
✔ Smart Saw Hobby Version:.
Workplace: L (X Axis)= 372mm (1ft 2 41/64"); l (Y Axis)= 385 (1ft 3 5/32"); h (Z Axis)= 135mm (5 5/16").
Dimensions of the whole equipment: Lenght= 1100mm (3 ft. 7 5/16 "); Width= 740mm (2 ft 5 9/64"); Hight= 1593mm (5 ft 2 23/32").

✔ Smart Saw Desktop Version:.
Workplace: L (X Axis) = 215.9 mm (8 1/2"); l (Y Axis) = 190.5 mm (7 1/2"); h (Z Axis) = 76.2 mm (3").
Dimensions of the entire machine: Size: 254mm (10"); Lenght: 457.2 mm (1ft 6"); Hight: 355.6 mm (1ft 2").

The XXL version additionally has a material work space specified by the layout. As a result, without any expansion of the work area, the standard restriction to the dimension of a product object it could deal with is:.
✔ Smart Saw XXL Version:.
Workspace: L (X Axis) = 2500mm (8ft 2 27/64"); l (Y Axis) = 2000mm (6ft 6 47/64"); h (Z Axis) = 350mm (1ft 1 25/32").
Measurements of the entire equipment: Width: 2400mm (7ft 10 31/64"); Lenght: 3500mm (11ft 5 51/64"); Hight: 1695mm (5ft 6 47/64").

These dimensions represent the degrees of a workspace enabled by clearance of the axes.
In the alterations section of the included guidebook, you will discover instructions for modifying this office within the existing design, in addition to for broadening the office through expansion of the DIY Smart Saw chassis dimensions.

► Got Concerns? We Have the Responses:.

Q: Exactly what kind of computer do I have to run a Smart Saw?
A: The Smart Saw work with any kind of kind of computer. You can additionally utilize a laptop computer.
If you could attach it to the web, then you could run a CNC maker. It does not matter if it's an Apple, a Microsoft computer system, a Linux, etc

. Q: Just how much does it set you back to develop a Smart Saw?
A: The Smart Saw you'll see in the video clip cost just $500. That's since all the components were new. You could actually place one with each other for under $160. All of it relies on what does it cost? you intend to spend on your components. You can also make it from scraps using printer motors and old cars and truck parts.

Q: How rapidly will I learn how to utilize it?
A: Simply watch a 10-minute video clip once and also you'll have the ability to take your design. You can learn to use the Smart Saw in no time. The time it considers you to draw up your layout nevertheless … will differ.

Q: Will I need any type of devices?
A: Right from the extremely begin of the program you'll see a full list of devices you'll need to assemble the Smart Saw. However, you'll never ever have to utilize any type of tools to carve out your designs if you utilize the Smart Saw. All you need to do is push a switch and also your style will certainly appear in a few minutes.


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  1. *DIY Step-By-Step CNC Woodworking Machine:* ►►◄◄

  2. Does this require the purchase of software as well? I am curious about both
    design and control? Do your videos cover how to use the machine
    effectively, or just how to build it?

    1. *Hi **2AF**, and thank you so much for your inquiry. To be honest, the
      offered program is one of the “most* *complete” guides on designing and
      building an Ultra-Precise CNC machine, and how to use it. So of course the* *program
      will recommend you “several” applications to control your CNC machine. And
      a few of those* *applications are for FREE. The program also includes a
      manual that will offer you the details required to* *configure your CNC
      application to work with the DIY Machine.*
      *By the way, inside of the manual “ALL” chassis “dimensions” of the DIY
      machine are given to you!*
      *Good luck.*

  3. Thanks for posting the video. it really it really inspired me.

    1. *You’re welcome **Cuong Chu.*

  4. *Feel free to leave your comments or your questions in the comment section.*

    1. thankyou for this , I’m from the Philippines

  5. Prof.Biljana Jankulovska


  6. excellent,very good presentation

  7. Hi!
    How will the CNC machine handle other materials sush as aluminum?

    1. *The CNC can handle materials such as aluminum but on a low fed rate. You
      can make the parts*
      *from wood then with the wooden cnc you can make the parts from aluminum
      and replace them for*
      *a higher fed rate*

  8. HI!
    How many axis of this machine have?
    can I cut even metal with this machine?

    1. *Hi, The machine has 3 Axis.*
      *Yes but at a lower fed rate with light metal such as aluminum.*

  9. what is email address for contact?

    1. *The email address at which you can can contact the support team is:*

  10. thank you ,thank you. for this video, you are an intelligent man,

  11. hi, i can adjust feed rate for other material or not, suce as copper, iron,
    hardwood, marble, granite

    1. *Yes you can adjust the feed rate but the structure of the Smart Saw should
      be of aluminum instead of wood.*

  12. could you run this from a tablet

    1. *Yes you can run this from a tablet as long as the tablet has windows
      operating system.*

  13. Hi,can l use nc studio with this machine?

    1. *Yes you can use nc studio with the machine.*

  14. would this work on metal??

    1. *Yes, you can also cut metal with this machine.*



  16. That “tree house” looks super cool.

  17. Alex, I appreciate all the time and effort that you have put into following
    your paaaion and sharing it with others. I am currently working on a cnc
    project and seem to be stumbling. My concept is unique but not crazy
    complicated. The problem that I have is when I go talk to “cnc
    manufacturers”. The people that I have contacted to implement this machine
    are all “industrial cnc companies”. They are used to large projects moving
    and creating large items. Mine is a small project doing small things. I see
    that your in the car industry so my best analogy is “I’m bringing Chevy my
    plans for a go kart”. They can do it but it’s not their specialty and the
    pricing is way off. I would like to talk to you about the concept and see
    if you could 1.) give me some advise. 2.) possibly build the machine or
    connect me with someone who could. I appreciate your time in this matter.
    My email is quinnboland@yahoo.comThanks I appreciate any guidance that you
    could offer. Quinn

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