12 Awesome Hot Glue Hacks

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS! 12 awesome hot glue hacks to utilize in the workshop. The warm glue gun is very beneficial accessible when woodworking and also doing DIYs. Here are some intriguing ways to utilize warm glue, which you could not have thought of!

Warm Glue Gun – (Affiliate Web link).

Darbin Orvar Shoppe.

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  1. Terrific! Thank you :)

    1. +Shula Klinger Thanks!

  2. What is the name of your glue gun. I want to buy one

    1. +Darbin Orvar Wht is the size of the glue stick u used with your gun. R u
      using the stanley mini? like this one

    2. +Manveerpal 47 She is using a Stanley gun, as she said. Stanley Corp also
      makes the DeWalt tool series. There is a DeWalt glue gun on the market as
      well. I like the DeWalt line. Though more expensive, they are well thought
      out, smart designs, and a pleasure to use. Although, you have to judge tool
      by tool, as each company makes a different tool benchmark product. Not all
      companies are good at all things.

    3. Got to get me one as well…:-)

    4. Wally World, Lowe’s, Home Depot, All sell some nice Not expensive , Hot
      glue guns.?

    5. Manveerpal 47

  3. Pretty sure these are not hacks. Maybe the pyramids.

  4. Where can you buy those LED lights from?

    1. Hardware shop

    2. +iqx anywhere specific???

    3. +Viresh Mistry amazon. aliexpress. banggood.

    4. +Robert Toebak thanks

  5. Rock Paper Crafts

    Hot glue guns are my go to tool

  6. Dean Settimi (Deanosaur2000)

    female version of crazy russian hacker

    1. Don’t even try to compare the two. Crazy Russian Hacker is a plagiarizing,
      useless prick.

    2. Dean Settimi (Deanosaur2000)

      i dont see comparing in my sentence but ok. actually you were comparing
      both of them not me. you think hes a useless prick because hes russian.

    3. Dean Settimi (Deanosaur2000)

      Um ok

  7. Hey Linn try using hair styling hot glue, it works well, is cheap, and
    comes in many colors! As well as is stronger than regular hot glue.

    1. Never before head of hair styling hot glue.

    2. Joan Burr Salzman used for keratin hair fusion. so the name usually has a
      name like keratin glue gun.

  8. it may be used for expanded polystyrene too? thanks!!

  9. Nice one Linn. Thanks

  10. not really hacks as much as uses….

    1. Jacob Sartorius girlfriend

      OMASSAMO ikr

  11. I used hot glue to seal small cracks in my foundation and not only is it a
    quick and easy fix it stops water from getting in.

  12. that was cool

  13. cool

  14. hot glue gradually loses its gripping strength . Its ok for temporary use .
    Its not reliable.

  15. Advise on the LED strip mounting and waterproofing.
    most LED’s tend to get pretty warm and might melt the hot glue again.

    1. AlmightyMister never seen an led stip being hot enough to melt hot glue

  16. are you from sweden? if so hej!

  17. Very nice all the best

  18. Why do you only work with wood?

  19. You have the cutest accent.

  20. Евгений Егоров

    Где такой клей можно найти?

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