Wood Carving Tools & Techniques for Beginners

Expense Anderson explains how you can buy and also make use of timber sculpting cuts & mallets to get started in sculpting furnishings in traditional woodworking. See the device checklist here:

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♣ 10 Actions to Getting Begun in Traditional Woodworking with Hand Tools:

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Wood Carving Tools & Techniques for Beginners

Bill Anderson explains how to buy and use wood carving gouges & mallets to get started in carving furniture in traditional woodworking. See the tool list here: http://woodandshop.com/wood-carving-tools-techniques

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♣ 10 Steps to Getting Started in Traditional Woodworking with Hand Tools: http://woodandshop.com/learn-traditional-woodworking-with-hand-tools/

♣ My Amazing List of Hand Tools that you'll need for traditional woodworking: http://woodandshop.com/which-hand-tools-do-you-need-for-traditional-woodworking/


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  1. Jesus was a Carpenter

    really enjoyed listening to this video. it is as if it was made in hollywood. the gentleman spoke with real elloquacy and detail. thank you.

    1. Jesus was a Carpenter

      +Clare Caffry 🙂 I’m not sure what o means but thank you anyway…

    2. Jesus was a Carpenter And

  2. Thank you for the awesome video. I’m hoping to bring a full line up of Japanese wood carving tools to my website (I don’t want to spam your video so I won’t put a link here, but my web page is in my profile). I have quite a few, but can you recommend what kind of Japanese wood carving tools and supplies I should sell? Thank you!

    1. +Goods Japan Sorry, but I use western style hand tools. But this store is a good reference: http://www.japanwoodworker.com

    2. +Wood and Shop Thanks!

  3. This guy is dangerously close to sounding like Christopher Walken!

    1. +hootypatootie Ha, ha! I’ll let him know!

    2. he also sounds like bob newhart – professor proton! haha

    3. *Anyoneeee can make the most compleeexxxx DIY projects in no time.>>>>**http://woodcarvingmachinee.blogspot.com.co** >>>*

  4. Love to watch this kinda video done by experienced seniors!!!

  5. Stephen's 8x6 Workshop

    Very informative, thank you

  6. the real stuff is starting at 7:19 if you don’t want to hear the difference between chisels

  7. Can someone knowledgeable advice me for getting an inexpensive but reasonable quality set of carving chisels.

    1. mogbaba hi to be brutally honest with you. Firstly do not buy a set, go for individual tools as and when you need them if possible. second, buy the very best you can afford and they will not be cheap. Expect to pay around GBP thirty pounds per tool. Cheap is nothing chearful. Every carver will have their own favourite make, my chisels are all made by Pfeil of Switzerland.

    2. +neville robinson
      Thank you for your reply. I have read a bit about this and have come to same conclusion that buying a set is not a wise choice as, one may not use some of chisels. So the best is to get one by one. Pfeil, i encountered, From the photos and the price tag i could guess that they are on premium level. I gather as this is a very limited market and the serious customers want quality you get either top quality expensive or junk quality cheap, lol.

  8. Tom's Dreamshop Worx

    High Bill! Tom F here (From Triangle WW). Great video!

  9. perfect! subscribed and liked!

  10. Thank you! The video is very well shot, the explanation is very clear and not boring!

  11. Awesome!


  13. helpful video, i am looking to make a mount for my shield and cross axes but need to crave both gaps for the axes to slip in and a curve to hold the handle of the shield

  14. Helpful

  15. When selecting a round carving mallet, can you tell us about choosing the weight of the mallet with respect to the type of work.

  16. nice video

  17. Very helpful; thank you 👍

  18. british air

  19. serious question where does he get all the wood to do it im sure irs expensive uk based

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