Tricks with construction tools

Few techniques on hand devices.


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  1. Thank you I really appreciate that. Ok I’ll try to keep an eye on my stuff.

    1. +Dave Grohl
      do you fight the foo?

    2. +Rayne Bryant I sure do

    3. +Rayne Bryant I sure do ,do you fighthe foot

    4. Is that a pot belly wood stove at 7:15 in your video?

    5. Looks like a wood stove to me. Not sure if it’s a pot belly though. You can
      see it a bit better at 1:08 to the left of the filing cabinet

  2. 1st you can’t check a house foundation with a square.
    2nd is used all the time on things that are not flat (pipes)
    3rd you are right on that one it is easier.
    4th you can’t sight a board 20 feet up in the air.
    5th that’s ok you didn’t like it.
    Thanks for the comment; the ball is in your court now.

    1. Mr. Conde Don’t you mean the north east to south west corner and then the
      north west to south east corner dimensions being the same then the
      foundation is square? A rectangular shape with 90 degree corners will have
      the diagonals equal just as the opposite sides will be equal. The diagonals
      can be measured with a tape measure of sufficient length. If a figure has
      opposite sides of equal length and parallel but the corners are not square
      or 90 degrees then the figure is a parallelogram and the diagonals will not
      be the same length. Try it on something small say around one to three feet
      to be easy.

    2. +Steve Sanders I’m not sure what kind of idiots you surround yourself with
      but I’m guessing it’s to make yourself feel better about how dumb you are…

    3. 👍

    4. Classic Work

    5. ? Well said, so the cowboy cattle herded !!!

  3. I am so impressed by your knowledge and humble demeanor. Thanks for the
    best way of using 3×4×5 and other helpful advice, without a know-it-all
    attitude! hopefully, I won’t forget these, any time soon.

    1. 3,4.5 also 6,8,10 or any division of these three work on any scale! Old

    2. a * a + b * b = c * c

    3. There’s another squaring technique that uses 1414 as the number. Take 1000
      down each leg, then 1414 as the diagonal. To scale up its 2828, and so on.

  4. With the plumb bob, thinner string = more *precision*.

    1. Look at the brain on marshaul!. Well aren’t you just an internet
      smartipants with your snide remarks. He’s trying to help ppl & you reply
      with that, smh

    2. Are you kidding me? I’m not trying to be a pedant – it’s a significant
      distinction that is absolutely important when discussing critical
      measurements and measurement systems. Also, there isn’t a lot of formal
      education for things like woodworking. That means that the primary way we
      learn better is by teaching each other. That’s the whole point of these
      videos! Why are *you*, a know-nothing, even commenting here?

    3. I like to call out trolls & get them all riled up. I see I’ve accomplished

      you will learn alot that was never taught in regular school. find a old
      carpenter or welder and pick his brain.

    5. Put the bob in a bucket of water in the open and eliminate the wind
      factor…Good for squaring up house frames… but to be honest, you can do
      the same thing with an assortment of different sized spirit levels. I have
      an 1.8 M one for doors and frames, a 1.2 and a 0.9 for different things,
      also is great as a straight edge, pretty much eliminates the need for most
      of the techniques demonstrated

  5. Why would anyone thumbs down this? It was very informative.

    1. Because they’re idiots that came to YouTube to watch cats jumping at the
      site of cucumbers or some stupid thing like that. They’ve got minimal
      intelligence and have no desire, skill, or reason to use hand tools. Rather
      than simply moving on they troll and dislike it. Or they’re just a troll in
      the first place and don’t want to be nice.

    2. +JudgmentDay78 so where do I fast forward this video to, so I can see
      cucumbers jumping from cats?

  6. thank you

  7. Man thank you.

  8. You talk funny… but I love you good ol’ southern boy common sense. But I
    think it goes deeper than this; you are clearly connecting the dots between
    trigonometry principles with construction techniques. One repeated thought
    that goes thru my mind while watching your videos is, “Why didn’t I think
    of that?”

    Keep those videos coming!

    1. Haha Mmm mm I like mustard with my biscuits. Thanks glad to hear you like
      my videos.

  9. Cool Thanks

  10. Nice young man with good information. Thanks.

  11. Good video man

  12. Central North Carolina?

    1. Central Mississippi.

  13. im taking my tape measure to the club to snag me a girl. LOL

  14. pretty cool but learn the definition of parallel lol

  15. That was really good

  16. Great video. Wish I had seen this during my first year in construction.

  17. I like the speed square trick. Thanks for that.

  18. Thanks for sharing

  19. good info thanks and by the way I have the same fan the round one

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