This Old Tool– Wood Splitting Trick

A terrific trick for maintaining your timber from flying apart when you divided.

This Old Tool-- Wood Splitting Trick

A great trick for keeping your wood from flying apart when you split.


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  1. arboristBlairGlenn

    I’ve got a new toy. Check out my vid on the big splitter attached to my Bobcat! That sucker really splits fast!

    1. your axe in this video looks really messed up lol?

    2. arboristBlairGlenn comedy

    3. Redmond Quigley just expanding my viewpoint😊

  2. Well I know what my father-in-law is getting for Christmas!

    1. hahahahahaha. That was good bro

    2. Maxx J I’m glad you’re not my kid!

    3. arboristBlairGlenn What a nice gift idea;)

  3. good idea,if you don’t have a log splitter..

  4. i like if u miss u don’t mess it up… then he just drops it on asphalt at the end. hell yeah!! lmao

  5. That’s a very handy tip if you have logs that will fit nicely inside the round of the tire.

  6. Albert Einstein of the Deep South.

  7. And if you get a few different size tires, you can more efficiently split different size logs. Splitting an 8″ or 10″ diameter log inside an 18″ tire doesn’t work out quite so well.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. thats a cool tip

  10. what a dork this guy is

  11. Great tip. Thanks

  12. steel toed shoes…safety glasses….thick chainsaw pants and shirt…hat… are an accident on the way to one,,,sir…your back will be thrown out soon as a starter!

  13. Great Idea!!!

  14. Miss the wood hit the tyre, axe buried in forehead….

  15. Thanks great tip.

  16. splits wood logs with just one swipe,😇

  17. Try a Double Bladed Ax. I love to chop Wood with Mine.

    1. arboristBlairGlenn

      Danny Coe a double bit ax is designed for the feller. With two sharp edges, a feller could cut sharp longer. At night, sharpen again for the next day.

  18. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Currently 118 here in Arizona. Won’t be needing any firewood…ever. But… nice video!

  19. nice

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