The 5 Best Harbor Freight Tool Gems

The 5 best Harbor Freight tools that'll last you many years.
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  1. You’re always going to have someone who is a snob and will crap on what you
    like. If it works for you and it doesn’t hurt your craft, use it. You don’t
    need a $35k belt sander built by monks during a solar eclipse infused and
    with the blood of virgins to get real work done.

    1. You had me mentioned virgins.

    2. from what I can tell… avoid the power tools. like the drills and saws.
      mostly made of plastic. if you needed a tool for 1 time use or something
      just rent 1. you get what you pay for, usually.

    3. Tony DeTuna b

    4. One HF power tool that is actually worth getting is the Multitool
      (oscillator). It holds up on the job site as a demo tool for a few years.
      It’ll get hot, but it’s powerful enough to do most work.

  2. I always get laugh when people that buy a 10 dollar drill from Harbor
    Freight and think you should be able to do big projects with them. The 10
    drill is to put up mini blinds or fix a kids toy. It is nice to own for
    less than renting(and charge for something extra when you return it) for
    the same price a tool you might use lightly

    1. The $10 drill is about as durable as the $10 angle grinder! The one I used
      actually bogged down and stopped a few times drilling out a broken bolt!
      The angle grinder I picked up was the $19 one and it’s actually OK. It
      lasted through hours of grinding crap off a car chassis!

    2. +Oldbmwr100rs if you’re lucky it will last the one project

    3. +Brandon Curnutte One friend found out just how good the “special sale” $6
      angle grinder really was when it died 15 minutes into a welding job!

    4. My reciprocating saw is 5 years old and still cuts through treated wood and
      sheet metal like it’s brand new. My dad’s air compressors all died about
      the same time, but that just gave him an excuse to buy the big one haha.

    5. Their power tools are hit and miss, but their hand tools, especially the
      better sockets and their new lines of ratchets are damn good. Been beating
      the hell out of their composite 70 tooth ratchets for several years now and
      they’ve outlasted the craftsman ones so far.

  3. I’m a cabinetmaker and have spent my fair share on high quality
    tools-mostly DeWalt and Porter-Cable. I have been buying used tools from
    estate sales and yard sales. I got a real nice 1940’s bench grinder ($5), a
    8″ bench vise ($5), a craftsman sabre scroll saw ($10). A Rockwell orbital
    sander ($1). All kinds of other hand tools for $2-3 a pop. Old school (all
    metal, US made) high quality tools at dirt cheap prices. Find a company
    that does estate sales and get on their mailing list.

    1. I’m just a hobbyist, but this is essentially how I built up my woodshop.

  4. Ya dude I pick up some of those clamps every time I go to Harbor Freight,
    also their pistol grip clamps are great too! Also get their neon orange
    deadblow mallets there they are excellent, they are comparable to my Matco
    ones and for a fraction of the price.

    1. Chevy513 so you like their ratcheting clamps ones as much as the one he

    2. Ya they are pretty good I don’t have many of the ratcheting pistol grip
      ones, I do have one that doesn’t tighten very tight but the others work
      great and for like $3 and $4 a pop u can not beat that, hell they r way
      more expensive than that at like Home Depot!

  5. is that will sasso

  6. Nailed it…..If for no other reason, to get you started & make you the
    money to eventually move up to higher quality tools. I do alot of work in
    my tiny shop. Half of my stuff is from Harbor Freight. Bought originally to
    get me going……the thing is….
    they’re still doing the job. 12″ Double Compound Sliding Miter Saw $135.00
    w/laser. I mean seriously? Works great, no complaints.

  7. the 50 foot recoiling air hose is another gem. so is the 25 foot recoiling
    extension power cord. hang that from the ceiling of your shop, and you’ll
    never worry about plugging something in ever again.

    also the woodworking bench they sell is a great deal. so is the belt sander

  8. I have that exact air compressor, great little tire inflator, have to buy
    the hoses and accessories separate

  9. its buyer beware with all brands none are perfect but a lifetime warranty
    makes it work

  10. hf always has 20% off coupon online. when I walk in I just Google it and
    hit the first link and then they just punch in the code on it

  11. Let me start by saying I own harbor Freight tools. I have capabilities I
    could not afford to buy, other wise. As more and more people shop harbor
    freight their prices will rise. it is the way economics works. This is why
    corporations are shipping our labor, jobs, to markets where they can get it
    done for less. We are empire builders, all of us, and we are going to do
    what is best for our own empire!
    The next shift will come when labor can be done faster and more efficiently
    by Machines. (RObots). our strength is in numbers, and our salvation (If
    this is possible) in Education.

    1. Hide the narrator! One shot is enough to let us know who you are! No one
      wants to look up your nose> and see your eyes go blurry

    2. +relentlessmadman thanks for watching! You seem like a cool dude!

    3. +Make Something I was trying to be constructive but after reviewing my
      comment,, it seems some what rude! would it be cool to apologize?

    4. 🙂 No worries. I just like having fun in the comments. Have a great and
      safe New Year!

    5. +Make Something right back at you!

  12. Add the handheld bandsaw, about 100 bucks, mine is 10 years old and I’ve
    used it almost every week. My TIG welder (they stopped selling) is
    priceless. It’s a DC welder and tiny.

  13. If you are now more serious about craftsmanship, there are MUCH better
    quality tools out there that perform much better than all those HF tools
    that you would definitely notice the difference with.

  14. Awesome video. Glad to see what kind of luck people have with their tools.

  15. I’m not a HF guy but I do have their holesaw kit. I think it’s 15 or so
    saws 1″ all the way up to 5″ for $10-$15. You can only saw 3/4″ thick
    material but so what.

  16. “…they might not last a life time…” – neither does any other
    manufacturer’s tools anymore. They’re all made in the same factories these
    days and get different paint jobs. LOL!

  17. i work for harbor freight and even ive been a little iffy about buying some
    of these items. im glad you went over some of the sanders ive been looking
    at for a while. you have any thoughts on the wood lathes.

  18. if a tool works it doesn’t matter what it says. save your money on life
    time warranty tools boys. save your goddamn money

  19. One word: FESTOOL. Period. End of conversation.

    1. +Kevin Brun well actually I’d like to keep the conversation going. I use
      both and they complement each other well

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