Router 101: Router basics for absolute, total beginning woodworkers.

An intro to the woodworking router. The router is most likely the second crucial power tool for a woodworking shop. In this video clip, I'll look at the essentials and also get you up to speed up swiftly. After viewing this video clip, see part 2: Your first router project:

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  1. I have the same router and a plug-in for the table. The switch doesn’t
    operate the on/off. Only when I put a clamp on the power button on the
    handle will the (table switch) work. Anyone know what to do in this case?

    1. Your router is the type that uses what I called “trigger button” for power.
      It is mainly for hands on job. For router table it is ideally use with a
      router with just on off button. In your case, clamping your “trigger
      button” is the only way or see if it have a bypass (I never know one that
      have a bypass, but who knows) so it is in on even when the trigger is not
      press. I hope this help.

    2. I have the same one also… Nice to see who are the frugal shoppers here…

  2. lol, raper…. nc info

  3. Get a fisheye lens. It will make your videos even craaaaazier.

  4. excellent tutorial

  5. Nice workshop please be aware of fire ….

  6. At 5:56 you got a top line, so if you don’t want the frame line just put
    the bit higher huh?

  7. Sʟᴏʙᴏᴅɴɪ ᴍᴀSᴏɴ

    No microjig :(

  8. This channel is a miracle!! lol thanks a lot!!

  9. Truly informative to ones like myself who will be a beginner.

    1. Bullseye! I’m a beginner too 🙂

  10. Really a very informative video. A heaven for beginners.

  11. I know its a hold video, but thanks it was really handy

  12. hahaha seen your videos before? I had a flame for wood work and for a long
    time you’ve been throwing logs in my good hobby Thanks :)

  13. wow. keep up this energy in life, amin

  14. Very enthusiastic! I love the wood working pad!

  15. i have a Craftsman router. can i use generic brands for the bits or do they
    have to be craftsman?

    1. You can use any brand of bits in any brand of router. You just need to make
      sure they’re the same size shaft (i.e. 1/4″ or 1/2″). One note, is that
      better quality bits will be sharper, stay sharper longer, and provide the
      best chance of a clean cut from the router bits. That said, getting a
      cheaper set of a bunch of bits is a good way to start. Find the bit you
      need and test with it. If you need a better quality bit for your
      application, you can splurge on that one as they can get spendy.

    2. +Steve Johnson awesome, Thank you.

  16. Steve,
    I have the same exact router but never used it. and TA DA here you are
    Explaining some of the questions and answers I had. I respect every tool I
    own, and use. and the router is one tool I want to learn how to use it.
    great video.

  17. What is best enxpensive router to get

    1. For $189, you can get the Bosch 1617EVSPK which is a decent router that
      includes both a fixed base, and a plunge base which should cover most any
      type of job. It’s the router I own and it’s served me well. If you’re only
      doing smaller jobs, the Dewalt DWP611PK for $161 is a compact router that I
      also own and will do your basic routing, but is considered a palm router
      and is great for quick round overs as it’s small and lightweight. Determine
      your needs and your budget, and read reviews online to find what works best
      for you.

  18. The Gentleman's Motor Racing Team

    Thank you very much sir, very informative

  19. Thanks for the video. Would you suggest a fixed or plunge router for the

  20. Very good instruction..simple enough to get you started..thanks

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