How to Make a Wood Sword with NO power tools


How to Make a Wood Sword with NO power tools

Make this wood sword yourself! Free printable templates in the description.
It does take a lot longer to make this sword without a belt sander but I was asked so many times I felt obligated to make one with hand tools. I hope someone tries it. Was able to finish this sword in 2hrs 40 min. and that is with filming, so I bet if you tried you could make one in just over 2hrs.

Free sword template:
Coping saw:
Flush-Cut saw:
When buying tools, do your research and look for the best deals.

Best of luck on your build!



My tools & things:
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  1. Where did you find these templates? Also if you did that with a harder wood and just labored for far longer could it withstand sparring against another wooden sword?

    1. +DORBOY GAMING I make the templates. Yes a harder wood will hold up better to fighting but I have not tried it.

    2. You can buy wooden swords online if you wanna fight with them.

    3. +Lunar Bro do you larp?

    4. +I am Zackatack80 no

    5. If you want a decent sword for sparring just buy a cheap jigsaw and you don’t have to worry about the toughness of the wood, I make a crap load of different swords for sparring out of any type of wood, the jigsaw just eats through it, and you can bevel the edges of the blade with it if you want to, though I’d probably just sand it off or get a rasp and wear away at it until it looks decent

  2. ay atom ik you dont like doing it but do you have to be a jerk about it?

    1. yeah it is

    2. I didn’t you jerk i was trying just to be honest so back the freak off moron plus who gives a crap what you think so crap off moron

    3. I’m not thank you very little and i have a right to say what i say so chill out dud and you stop being a jackass

  3. Files (file means rasp )are easier than the saw and chisel

  4. Where is the template please?

  5. The ShadoExperamint

    its like, o.k. never mind im buying a sword online😅

  6. its look like a p…s

  7. I’m From brasil. Is strange?

  8. Portland Pizza Pi

    How do you make a boomerang with out power tools

  9. Marcos is spider team sm

    I made one like u and it came out just like yours

  10. thanks man great guide

  11. but you could just use a hand planer. It is whatI am doing

  12. How thick is the original piece of wood? #HappyAtom

  13. can you make an easy one

  14. 0/10 can’t end your opponent rightly

  15. edgy loser with no friends

    Thanks a lot!

  16. The blade is so fat. The sword is too stubby.

  17. Does anybody know how long that sword is?

  18. Bought the wrong size wood :/ the depth is a little short, could use another 1/2 inch or so to make it viable for my size, but I got about 100 inches of pine at Lowes for $1.74, extremely cheap! Gonna go back tomorrow and try to get the right size, but I can make about 2 swords for $4 so it’s not bad at all

  19. Did he ever make the Master Sword vid without power tools?

  20. Thanks very much. My son is super happy!!! Result:

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