Building Without Nails The Genius of Japanese Carpentry

We've become aware of the brilliant "technology" made use of in ancient times to build imposing monuments with nothing greater than primitive tools like stones as well as ropes. The Egyptian pyramids of old is a fantastic example.

Back in the much east, Japan had plenty to offer the ancient world too when it involved resourceful inventions and crafts. Typical Japanese Carpenters built houses, holy places, as well as castles, without using nails, screws, or bolts.
In a documentary speaking with one of the few remaining professionals of this apparently lost art of carpentry, an old Japanese master craftsman says loudly "No bolts, no nails. It lasts longer!". Happily declaring its efficiency that no person would certainly have the ability to refute its success through a number of impressive imposing temples throughout Japan still standing to now.
After going through rough weather and clashes of changes in people for more than a thousand years. However with the bold declaration comes a clear understanding that the success to this art isn't because they made it to withstand "versus" nature, rather, it is everything about being "with" nature.

Removaling his livelihood to New York and sharing his art kind of old Japanese wood working to the globe, Isao Hanafusa, co-owner of Miya Shoji, has actually sculpted himself a distinct particular niche in the open market of the providing industry.
Seek and also admired by New Yorkers desiring that accept with nature in their indoor decor with a design and also resilience in workmanship that can not be equaled by most factory produced options.

All furniture choices in Miya Shoji display rooms are hand crafted, even the kinds wood made use of in all his crafts are hand selected by Hanafusa himself. Isao Hanafusa was a grad of Industrial Revolution researches which he mentions has produced numerous wonders for the modern-day globe, but its cool machinery has also unfortunately exterminated specific talent that is supposed to stay in artisans.

To today, he declines criticisms of his approaches being needlessly old fashioned, since with all the vibrant talk of highly innovative devices as well as approaches made use of in modern day construction work, the Hanafusa family members thinks a thousand years worth of skill refinement and also proficiency should not be gotten rid of for mass production ease.

Neither is it mosting likely to back down from the competition that their crafts will last also longer compared to stiff concrete as well as metal frameworks for the easy fact they are not designed to resist against the pressure of mother nature, however to deal with her.


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  1. If only the Japanese would extend their philosophy to living creatures e.g.
    Whales, Dolphins, Tuna etc. then I could really respect their culture.

    1. Nah, the cause is survival.

    2. +Broseph Stalin What about the waste we produce? Worldwide it’s millions of
      tons of food and products that weren’t sold so it gets discarded for the
      sole reason of making a profit. “I have food but you don’t have money, so I
      throw the food away” is that surviving?

    3. +Skæbnesvanger
      I agree with you there. Due to our economic system there is a lot of waste.

    4. +Skæbnesvanger
      Yeah survival has nothing to do with it. The stores/supermarkets throw
      perfectly good edible food out everyday & lock the bins so not even the
      homeless can eat it.

    5. Eating meat has nothing to do with survival, interesting…

  2. This is a great advertisment. And these people need help.

    1. So much writing for a completely invented character – Jesus, the Bible…
      just a novel. Wait a thousand years and the new-new-Testament will talk
      about the Prophet Harry Potter.

    2. +Borja Etxebarria — I care not one wit about your insulting and self
      centered opinion. You think your so smart? I hardly doubt that you will be
      around to have any idea if your right about your bonehead theory. Because
      you don’t understand nor do you believe… You most certainly are not going
      to be here in just a few years… Much less a thousand of them. :-I

    3. Cosmin Draghicescu

      +Dean O. – Thank you.

  3. i would love to do this kind of work all day.

    1. Dave McKay agreed work here now is just meh….no Talent no passion hand
      work none of that

    2. Dave McKay yea

    3. It really is unfortunate. I can see the point in selling to the masses, but
      to forget true craftsmanship, what really WORKS through the ages, is a
      bummer. I will continue to learn and pass on as much as I can!

    4. Right? Not getting griped at to ‘hurry up’ and no on snapping fingers or
      clapping, spouting tired cliches like ‘Time is money!’ There’s a reason
      this culture has lasted as long as it has and America is struggling to
      maintain its place after barely 200 years

    5. Dave McKay same

  4. Traditional craftsmanship is fantastic, but it is VERY elitist. Not
    everyone can afford to own it. Mass production may be less attractive, but
    a factory-built table is better than no table at all!

    1. +Flimbo nimbo I live in europe, no walmart 🙂

    2. I noticed they never said how much this giant table costs. Probably because
      most people would cry when they hear $10,000.

    3. +MetusBatmanV4
      Yeah most ppl will never own a table as this unless they have a nice tree
      in the backyard that they can slab themselves..

    4. More like 100,000

  5. all i see is a bunch of rich white people who are obsessed with japanese
    culture. middle aged weeaboo’s

    1. Billiam Skilliam alright bud fair enough

    2. FYI basically everything you own took thousands of years to be ready. Im
      assuming you actually know what fossil fuels are or how plastic and rubber
      products are made and come from?

    3. Billiam Skilliam You got hem good what a great point you make

  6. Is it impossible for Americans to make films without padding, drivel,
    background sounds, irrelevant stuff, nodding heads, irrelevant pictures,
    snatches of music, idiotic talking heads, silly voiceovers, views of towns,
    landscapes etc etc etc? Why not just say what you have to say – if

    1. +Dolan Tramp You’re not facing facts. This video is supposed to convey
      information. For people who want to know things, US jew film garbage is
      the model exactly NOT to follow.

    2. +rerevisionist lol It *is* on YouTube though. I come to expect trash like
      this. You can go on a website similar to Wiki or watch a real documentary
      if you’re looking for factual information with no distractions. Idk where,
      but i know they’re out there.

    3. +Leonard Yeezus – you’re clearly a literary critic

    4. rerevisionist the background music always makes me less interested in a
      video. For some reason it makes me doubt the knowledge of what I’m hearing.

  7. if you want simplicity, why not be an amish?

    1. +Levi Paladin It’s a kilt, laddy, and I rather enjoy the circulation.

    2. +Cernnunos5 Well then. Happy to oblige, I guess. 😉

    3. Because Amish ain’t cool like Japanese

    4. Can’t make pancakes without the chickens and cows.

  8. I would have liked less yuppy Chosenites and more of the actual craft…..
    but whatever…

    1. +misb lamp Yeah, I’ve always found that very odd too. We all have been
      told so many lies…. :-/

    2. +Robert Lock
      Khazars lived north of caucasus. May be thats why ?
      Really, these white guys are khazars? as you pointed out?
      Is there evidence of this?

    3. +misb lamp
      None other than their looks and accent. I could be wrong….. it is
      possible… ;)))

  9. well, this was a disappointment. i was expecting this to be about how they
    do their incredible work, not how some aging yuppies are trying to “get
    back to nature.”

    1. What in the world are you talking about? The video showed cutting the tree,
      making slabs, air-drying the wood, cutting the joints, mortising the
      joints, legs with dowels and ON and ON.

    2. Yes waste

    3. if you paid attention you would see thats exactly what it was about. aside
      from the grandiose testament of the “western world” individuals.

    4. those yuppies are about to get back to nature, literally 🙂

    5. Journey4Sure Knowledge-N-Wisdom

      We agree with you….most this video was presenting mysticism-type
      philosophies and other personal ways of obtaining some type of balance with
      nature and the ying yang instead of showing more of the actual techniques
      used by them to make their furniture and such

  10. ikea can probably make 100 tables from all that saw dust.

    1. +DarthVagrant Saurette you know… I sort of doubt the likeliness that
      theirs a piece of furniture somewhere, intact, and older than the oldest
      tree that ever waz… but that’s just me

    2. Ikea tables are made from saw dust…

    3. yes but for some reason people think there the best thing since sliced
      bread, and like the lines, I think they look soulless and plain, and ugly
      yet everyone thinks Scandinavian things are the greatest in the world and a
      league of their own, and they might be good fishermen, steel makers, and
      have advanced societies electronically and in the sciences, as well as cell
      phones and oil rigs as well as ship building, but some of the stuff is just
      plain jane and hideous if you ask me specially their furniture, ikea

    4. yes and a lot of glue .. where else did you think multiplex was made out of

    5. Tom Jacobs LOL

  11. babyboomers buying culture. nice. Japanese carpenter with amazing skills is
    glad to sell you a $15k table.

    1. morelli tech exactly what I was thinking. looks like a damn good table

  12. most of these dudes speak English well the subtitles are mostly unnecessary

    1. The subs are actually pretty necessary for the old guy with the white beard.

    2. Platypuff how can’t you understand that dude… don’t you ever call
      customer service?

    3. +Reggie Hartig the guy says like 4 words every 20 seconds. Idk how you
      understand him without any subs.

    4. Do you think thats fast or slow I don’t understand

  13. the world would be so easy if Ikea furniture was made like this

    1. ilias 2405 house in a box

  14. grow like the wind

    I think the host would make a fantastic Matrix Agent, he’s like son of

    1. Son of smith with Down syndrome lol

    2. I was literally about to comment about him looking like Agent Smith. He
      even sounds like him. lol

    3. “Son of Smith” I like it haha

  15. why is everyone all triggered and mad lol

    1. pooper t Because people are stupid

  16. I suddenly have the urge to build a table at 2 am

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