Building a French Cleat System for Power Tools

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Today I develop indiviudal holders for each one of my power devices to ensure that I could keep them on a French cleat system

Building a French Cleat System for Power Tools

For a written tutorial check out my blog at

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This week I build indiviudal holders for each one of my power tools so that I can store them on a French cleat system


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  1. Disappointed in the weak latching system.

    1. Feel free to change it on yours. I’ve been using this latching system for
      four years and it’s held up great, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it.

    2. +April Wilkerson
      For safety-fans: add an additional small latch to the wall right above the
      existing one, so the box/holder can be slided sidewards underneath it to
      fasten the box/holder (hard to describe for a non-native speaker :] )

    3. Moises Albuquerque

      +alphons bretagne como faço pra comprar suas máquinas?

    4. alphons bretagne

      +Moises Albuquerque
      Where I buy my machines (if google translated correct) ? At auctions,
      local and web stores. But still a lot missing (even a really suitable
      room). Just started with some “wood-knowledge” of that time when trying out
      civil engineering and a head full of ideas and plans 🙂

      But you probably doesn’t referring to me, right?

    5. Calm down.

  2. Is that workshop hooked to a security system?

    1. Yep yep

    2. are those all your tools nice lady?…Sorry if you mentioned something
      regarding your tool collection… i wasn’t able to listen to the full
      episode….wow…your living my dream and its great to see a women doing
      what u do…im sure you hear it all the time….regardless…I’m very
      impressed…doing wonderful with your show ….keep it up

  3. Cool idea but why do you have so many drills? I’ve had one pistol drill and
    one right angle drill. Seems to work for me. Are the extra drill worn ouy?

    1. john hanrahan I have 4 drills and I’m 13 two inpact guns and 2 hammer drills

    2. Don’t tread on me i have 5 different drills . Depending on witch one is
      charged that cuts it down to 3 drills. And by that time i just choose what
      has the best power/speed for my project. She gets sponsored tools for
      exposure on her youtube videos. I have gotten an extra two from my
      grandfather. I already had 3 drills.

    3. I have one pistol drill, 1 right angle drill and about 5 or 6 batteries
      that fit all my cordless tools. You have all these drills to have some
      charged? Sounds like your drills don’t have removable batteries or your
      statement is without merit. Although I do have an extra pistol drill that
      my boss gave me as gift which, in theory, could hold a driver bit while
      another holds a drill bit. As a professional, I have seldom needed to use
      them in such a fashion.

    4. Since they are so inexpensive, I also have five drills. When I’m inspired
      and in a hurry, I don’t want to stop and change bits every time I want to
      drill a pilot hole, or countersink, or drive a screw, or……… Don’t
      mind taking a few minutes to set everything up, but after that, I want to
      work in one continuous work flow until I get it done. It doesn’t always
      happen, but I can usually get pretty far before I have to deal with an
      interruption. AAHHHH I do not like any interruptions because then it’s stop
      and rethink everything before getting started again. If it’s my grandkids,
      well, now, that’s a whole different matter altogether.

    5. +Luvstruck Sure, that all makes sense. I can see that in a production type
      environment, but for your average DIYer, to me, seems like a waste of
      money. Doing my job, I’ve been known to use two drills or a drill and
      driver. For me, there’s a big difference between completing a job so I can
      get to the next one so my day doesn’t run any longer than necessary. Off
      the clock I’m WAY more ‘casual’. But hey, to each their own, however they
      deem. Your money, your way. Fair enough.

  4. honestly I think your a little bit ocd but that’s a good thing great job

  5. Good job I think it looks really nice and organized !

  6. I wish I had this machine

  7. love to see a woman doing this!

  8. Love the nice and neat look ! Thank you for making this video

  9. Fantastic , I think I’ll try it out ! Is there any triton tool you don’t
    have ? Haha

  10. Владимир Куликов

    Впервые вижу в мастерской человека с женскими ногами)) I Like.

    1. Владимир Куликов i like you

    2. Владимир Куликов i am interested this job please r

  11. e il grilletto che dice?

  12. April .. love the video and storage concept … also your last name is
    absolutely GREAT! GRWilkerson

  13. First video here, you are the perfect wife !

  14. I’m impressed ! I just finished my dust collection system and it made my
    wall space limited in certain areas. But I’m always looking for a better
    idea when it comes to functional storage area. Thanks.

  15. I like this. First video I seen of you. thumbs up :)

  16. Nice Arrangement

  17. Bravo 🖒

  18. I hadn’t heard of Triton tools before watching your videos. I picked up a
    couple of Triton T20DD 20V 4.0ah Driver Drills on sale at Rockler for $99
    ea. I must say I am very impressed with this units.

  19. I love your ideas, thanks!

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