Beginning Woodworking: Building a Simple Bookcase

In this episode we will discuss the standard steps in developing a very straightforward cabinet design that would certainly make a good project for the beginning woodworker. Just basic power devices required: a router, cut-off saw, sander, and drill. Come watch and also find out some basics!

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Beginning Woodworking: Building a Simple Bookcase

In this episode we will go over the basic steps in building a very simple bookcase design that would make a good project for the beginning woodworker. Only basic power tools needed: a router, cut-off saw, sander, and drill. Come watch and learn some basics!

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  1. For some reason, I wanted to give carpentry a try at this point of life. my family did not like the idea!

    1. LordSear1982 he works for a small contracting company. He started out at the bottom and through hard work and dedication, he’s now the boss’s go to guy for everything. He was even put in charge of building the addition to his boss’s house. My other nephew is an apprentice electrician, and he drives a new GMC Sierra, both trucks paid for by themselves completely and with no help from my brother or their mother and step father. People don’t realize just how much people can make in the trades.

    2. same here!! I did it anyway.

    3. Did you end up starting?

  2. I really wanna be a master woodworker so I can build my own furniture. but I’m still newby and never touch the tools

    1. Apprentice yourself to a woodworker.

  3. Great Project, thanks for sharing!

  4. santhony74 Stephen Anthony

    Was this just done for demonstration purposes? It looks like the right side is taller than the left?

    1. Keith Rucker -

      Its the angle of the camera. Kind of like an isometric drawing.

  5. I know this is none of my business, BUT can (will) you ballpark the charges to your client for this bookcase ? I’m trying to do some woodworking for folks and I have no idea how to structure charges.

    1. Keith Rucker -

      This one was done as a donation to a worthy group. No charge. I even donated the materials.

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    1. Allison J. Rivera

      Good Job

    2. legit result following this direction

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  8. Nice looking bookcase. Had a look at materials for building a shelfing unit to store 540 standard size DVD cases 211.5cm tall by 91cm wide by 14.4cm deep and including shipping the cost came out to £123.49. I wonder how much a joiner would charge to make it like yours?

  9. Thank you for your teaching , however the bookshelf seems not balanced , as if the right side is higher than the left side !

  10. Service Dog In Training Chopper

    How would you make the shelves adjustable?

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Im sure it’s been said. make sure you sand the birch with a fine paper before attaching it. Great video!

  13. I’m not trying to be funny, but is the right side a bit higher than the left side?

    1. Keith Rucker -

      Only in the picture. The camera was at an angle – kind of like an isometric view.

    2. okay, For a minute I thought it was a bookcase that I built! Sometimes, they come out at an angle!

  14. I built a 5 shelf bookcase using 3/4″ poplar wood with a plywood backing approximately 6′ high by 3′ wide by 9 in depth. The bookcase will easily wobble forward and backwards. All sides seem level, could you help me make this not wobble without hanging to the wall? thank you

    1. Make a decorative base that comes out about three or four more inches in front and I suspect your wobble will go away.With a 9 inch thick base I wouldn’t go taller than four feet at the max.

  15. Kareem Colebrooke

    how expensive is the wood because I went to home Depot and it gets expensive versus buying it, I know it will be stronger and better but I want to know if I’m buying it from the wrong place or buying to much

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  18. Thank you!

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